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Well, it was explained; Astinus originally put it to me as, "When judging, you don't have to write out a review for the story right then. If you'd like to so that it's posted with the scores, that's fine. If you want to save it for later, if the writer posts their story, that's all right as well." Is that no longer the idea?

(I chose to review everything because the whole reason I volunteered to judge the contest was that I really enjoy writing contest reviews; don't think I'm mad that I reviewed everything when I didn't have to or anything. I just think it'd be more convenient and make more sense if my reviews were posted with the scoring since that's the assumption I wrote them with.)
Going to reply real quick since I had been the judge here three times before, LOL.

Reason this contest Astinus said you don't need to write reviews for this contest is because the Get Together is fairly short and since the scores needed to be posted before the event is over the judges usually would just do the scores and that's it. I do agree reviews are more convenient as to why you gave a high/low score for this story, etc. My first time judging the SWC I actually did full blown reviews for all entries while the next two I give quick reviews when the participants posted their story. So yeah, like icomeanon6 and bobandbill said if you want to include reviews with the scores it's fine.