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    Not much happened, because I've had other things to do , May be pretty obvious but have I ever mentioned Diddy was a guy?

    And for those of you wondering (probably no'one) I haven't uploaded any screenshots because I'm playing HG on my DS, but I will be uploading them if when I beat the Elite Four and Red.

    -Arrived in Blackthorn City
    -One-shotted all of Clair's pokemon with Return :D
    -Planned on heading to the Elite Four, until I was stopped and made to traverse the Bell Tower
    -Made a quick stop-over to Mt. Mortar to obtain TM40 Aerial Ace
    -Chilled in the Bell Tower, listening to some awesome music for a bit
    -Arrived at the top, an epic cut scene greeted me
    -Caught Ho-Oh with the Master ball rather anticlimactically and taught it HM02 Fly
    -Currently standing right outside of Tohjo Falls (Rather creative name...)

    Diddy the Adamant Ambipom
    Gender: Male
    Itemilk Scarf

    -Aerial Ace

    HP: 170
    Attack: 159
    Defense: 101
    Sp. Attack: 85
    Sp. Defense: 96
    Speed: 161

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