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Originally Posted by ShinySearcher01 View Post
Windows: IE, Linux: Chrome, OS X: Camino

IE sucks for one reason: ActiveX. Sure, it makes for some cool MSN integration - "Click here to add XXX to your buddy list" - But honestly Microsoft, is allowing a wb browser of all things complete control of the machine a good idea? ><
ActiveX's also what make plugins and BHOs work in the first place in IE, and is actually required for parts of it to work properly, especially third-party plugins such as Adobe Flash Player and (sorta) Microsoft Silverlight. Technically, you can force disable any ActiveX usage with security settings and/or ActiveX Filtering (the latter allows unblocking on a per-site basis). That said, recent versions of IE will throw up tons of warnings before allowing you to run unsigned controls, if not outright blocking them.

Originally Posted by ShinySearcher01 View Post
Chrom(ium)e, well fine on Windows, just doesn't integrate well with Linux. Slooooow. And those ugly Window buttons omg ;;
Note that many browsers suffer from integration and performance penalties on Linux, moreso than OS X, or especially from Windows.

Originally Posted by ShinySearcher01 View Post
Camino doesn't really have anything bad about it, but it's just not up to par with Safari in terms of speed.
Speaking of speed, I've always wondered why other browsers on OS X are unable to take advantage of OpenGL rendering on OS X, and why every browser can't take advantage of any acceleration on Linux. Funny thing, on the Windows side, everyone is now capable of using Direct2D or Direct3D 9 (less efficient and worse text rendering compared to former) except for Safari, which is discontinued.
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