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    I never liked those count to blehhhhh type of stuff or the one above. Its content never goes beyond what the thread title clearly implies so it seemed kind of pointless. Also I see that 22sa isn't here and he's the one who essentially bumps every thread XD; Indeed I miss some old folks... wonder where did Chairman Kaga go.

    I do admit that the slow pace allows for more decent conversation. I can type something longer than a sentence and I'll be on the same page now at the very least. I don't think that PC's growth is slowing or anything, but I think that the growth is solely focused on Pokemon boards. At the very least, PC is still *the* place to get to for rom hacking. I'm pretty sure that PC is essentially the first result if you want to find any particular hack, and a lot of popular youtube channels link to PC as the location of download for any Let's Play Pokemon hack/mods.