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DB errors are staples of PC. Don't ever let anything change them.

I still need to just sit down one day and redo everything in my profile... I don't know if I want to have even more options to temper with XD; I'll be honest and admit: I am totally in the power to donate, but I really doubt it. It's only when you work, you truly realize that even 10 dollars is a lot. Back in high school, 10 dollars nothing and it's spent on ice cappuccinos as if it's just a penny. Nowadays, 10 dollars is worth almost an hour of hard labor forcing high school kids to like, learn how to divide numbers again (without a calculator.) That's on par with pulling teeth in difficulty x_x;

@Shiny Celebi: all the Cherrims in the banner keeps misleading me to think that you're Lightning x_x;