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Hey I haven't given an update on my Diamond progress in months.

But this is for the Diamond game I started in February 2012. My character is Dawn.

Here's an update of what I've done since then.

Made it all the way to Veilstone City
Got the Counter App
Received the Coin Case
Gambled a bit.
Battled Maylene and lost
Trained a bit
Caught 6 Stunky
Choose Stunky with best stats and nature for team planning to raise it the best I can. (might need a better one)
Leveled up team more
Buizel evolved into Floatzel
Caught and Cleffa and a Chingling.
Received a Cranidos from Oreburgh Mine Museum
Caught a Buneary
Evolved Bidoof (for more slave purposes)
Battled Maylene and won.

A few days ago I battled the Galactic grunts near their warehouse in Veilstone and got Lucas' Pokedex back. I saved at Route 213.

Current team
(Twigleaf) lv.30

(Kazza) lv. 30

(Quoth) lv. 29

(Blaze) lv. 27

(Kimba) lv.28

(Bad Purple) lv. 27 (will explain it's name later)

I hope to update more often.I'll try to and it will more detailed and journal like.
im back