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I like the new look better. The whole idea of being emotionally invested in looks really puts me off. In a drawing that's necessary, but in an art form that exists for storytelling and brain games, this makes no sense. You should be invested in the gameplay or story, not how it looks. This is as bad as Call of Duty players who swear by the game because it isn't "cartoony". Don't get me wrong, I like my pokemon to have some imagination too, but the looks exist to draw you into the story and gameplay. The only reason they get better and more detailed is because it will let you really understand the game as a real world and be attached to the STORY. The older graphics were really nice for the time too, looking very detailed compared to other RPGs at the time. But it's time too move on, I have high hopes for what level of immersion the 3DS will bring. P.S. - I like Pokemon Colosseum (hint, hint, nudge, nudge).
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