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So I'm not even sure if this is still relevant, since the last post was like 2 months ago, but I had a basis of an idea.

So since this is a pokemon forum and this is a contest... why not make it based on pokemon contests? So, (and this helps with consistency) there would be a cool contest, a beauty contest, a cute contest and a tough contest. I'm not sure how you'd do intelligence, and tough is tough... but anyway.
This way each of the four contests would have a default theme, and then their would be a more specific theme. Also, each "specialized" contest would have a season, so: tough - winter, cool - fall, beauty - summer, and cute - spring. (although they can be rearranged, as winter could be beauty etc.)
So for instance, the cool, fall contest could have a "sub-theme" of halloween, or changing leaves, or anything really - it doesn't even have to relate to the season, it just has to fit the main theme (of cool)

And as for prizes, well it could work a little like he medal system in the pixel art section. For the first PPC you win, you'd get a Normal Rank Contest Emblem, then for the second one you won you'd get a Super Contest Rank Emblem, and so on and so on. I know no one seems to want to make emblems, but perhaps you could just modify the original emblem with text and some color changes for each one? Also, those that reach Master Rank (i.e. 4 contest wins) would win the final emblem and a supportership/upgrade of supportership/I don't know what to give mods so they just get an emblem. XD

ALSO, there could even be an intense PPC a the get together or something (so once a year is what I'm saying) where all these categories are available a once, so mini contests. The main problem I see is that it would probably need a TON of people to enter...

I think that's all XD

Also, on the subject of volunteering, I wouldn't mind hosting it, the main thing is that I...don't really know a whole lot about the whole process etc. But I've done CSS a couple times???