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...I never realized anyone took issue with Vevo. And it kind of amazes me that one of the main reasons people are stating is ads? Really?

If you don't want to deal with ads on your music, buy it and listen to it that way. If you don't want to hand over money, download the song illegally and listen to it. But you use Youtube for the convenience, right? Because you like the song? Every time you listen to the Vevo version of a song and watch the ad, some of the revenue goes toward: A) Youtube, to keep the servers running that allow you instant access to songs; B) Vevo, to keep the licenses for the songs so you can legally listen to them without having to pirate or buy them yourself; and C) the artist themselves, so they can continue to make music for you to listen to.

There's obviously a bit more to it than that but complaining about ads on Vevo is like complaining about commercials on the radio. You're listening to music at no cost to you--the ads are how it is paid for.

That said, I had no idea Vevo censored all the songs. I swear I've seen both censored and uncensored versions of some songs on Vevo, but I will admit I don't end up on Vevo pages very often. Well, I guess that's also akin to radio, if you think about it. Since it's accessible to everyone and everyone, it probably makes more business-sense to censor it so they don't have to restrict it by age.

And lastly, I like the idea of Vevo. I think it's nice that the industry recognized fairly early on that Youtube was a good source to quickly listen to music/watch music videos and came up with a format that allowed them to profit from that while still giving fans what they want. It's nice to be able to find an official version of a song that I know I can trust when looking for a song I've never heard before (as is the case with all pop music for me XD) rather than having to sift through a million bad lyrics videos that have inappropriate intro music and weird outro music to go along with the typo'd lyrics and, sometimes, not even the right version of a song.

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