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    Originally Posted by X3 View Post
    Thanks for all your feedback guys, but yeah, I am serious about this hack. And to answer your questions DarkRisingGirl:

    1. To be fair when people catch a magikarp, they give it exp. share and leave it at the bottom of their party until it evolves, and on story terms it can go as far as to finding out why all of the magikarps are dying out.

    2. I hope they wouldn't, or they just think it's a joke or something?

    3. As Al3x said, it's purely to show you guys I've put them in the game, you will have to find Riolu on your own in the game.

    Thanks, it's good to know I'll already have a beta tester at the ready.

    PokemonMasters - I have changed the move set around so he now learns his moves in this order; tackle, fail and then splash.

    Wilso - that does look like a great sprite to use, I was trying to find one the other day but no good ones came up, I'll integrate that one in when I can, cheers.

    miksy91 - The reason the prof. has them all is to preserve them since (spoiler) they are the 3 last remaining 'ancient magikarps'! This meaning they are the stronger, faster and overall better versions of the ones you would find in the wild. He gives one to you so you can find out why/what has gone so wrong that all the magikarps have just died out.

    And I have made it so that you can't just dump him in daycare and wait it out, but I have no idea how to make it so you can't put him in a PC yet (will look into this at a later date).
    So the starter Magikarp will be stronger and faster in terms of Stats, right? Also, since it's the starter Pokemon, I don't think it'll be cool to have the player just slap an exp.share on it and wait til it evolves into Gyarados. Since it is the "Ancient" Magikarp", at least make it battle ready as soon as it's given to you. You can give it Tackle, Ancient Power, Splash(Just because it wouldn't be a Magikarp without it) and some other random move. Maybe it can use Water Gun already since it's a superior karp.