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Names: James and Helen
Ages: 24 and 23
Occupations: James was a college student, double majoring in physical education and Pokemon studies. Helen was in nursing school.

James Appearence: James is built for athletics, at a glance one could see that he practices and works out every day. Additionally he is pretty tall, standing at 6"4. He wears running sneakers at all times, always ready to be on the move. The outbreak caught him during a gym class so he is stuck wearing his gym clothes (not that he cares much, his motto is that if it is too cold, start running). He has brown hair, usually shaved, and a faded beard. James always carries a bag of food and most of the heavy stuff, he also has a bat stolen from the college

Helen's Appearence: Helen is regarded as gorgeous by everyone at the college her and James attend. She always wears her hair down, hair that is dyed pink in honor of Nurse Joy. She is much smaller than James at around 5"3 and often complains about it. She is always bright, admirers say her smile is like the sun and the moon, though James states that those people are just kissing ass.
Helen wears normal clothes, jeans and a t-shirt that is, and wears tennis shoes. She always carries a bag of medical supplies with her just in case.
Helen uses a crowbar as her weapon of choice.

Personalities: James and Helen are inseparable, ever since high school they have been together. James gave up the idea of being a trainer because Helen wanted to be a nurse, and Helen gave up her number one school to be with James.

Many of their friends picture them as the perfect couple, if you asked James a question about Helen he could answer it, if you asked Helen a question about James she could answer it and give the reason why.

This is likely because of their personalities though. James is very active and outgoing. He was captain of his sports teams for three years straight, and gave great speeches. Many see him as a kind, loud, and caring friend to all. This is not to say he wasn't the violent type though, if he saw someone doing something he deemed as "wrong" it wouldn't take much taunting for him to straight up kick the crap out of you, in fact he was known as the best fighter in high school, (third in college). He had a pokemon that had died from the virus, causing him great despair, but even that didn't make his spirits and charisma go down.

Helen is a much more timid personality, she never owned Pokemon, but the one James had owned was the closest thing to one she had. She is seen as the angel that follows a guardian (James) because whenever someone is bullying another, her and James are there (James is there to beat the bully to a pulp, Helen is there to comfort the victim). There are not many who didn't have a crush on her, either because of looks or personality. Other than medical aid and a soothing voice, Helen isn't that smart, often forgetful and careless about things she can often be seen getting tutoring or staying after school for teacher help. (James isn't as smart either, but he is strong so who cares)

After the outbreak, nothing much about their personality changed, they kept their freinds in contact, and found that a few of them were still alive (the others have no word sent back). They set themselves a goal: To help any and all survivors, no matter what. They are willing to risk their own life to save another's and to be honest, James is having a lot of fun.

History: (A lot of it is in the personality) They have been a couple since freshman year of high school, where James had just moved in. After high school they went to the same college, and managed to get the same dorm room, (they are not intimate).

During the outbreak James was in gym class, playing baseball, some of the students had began puking and suddenly attacking the rest of the class. James was at first confused, and reluctant to kill the zombies, but after one had literally mutilated his friend, James had no issues. He saved the other students, (well the ones who needed saving, some of his team mates also had bats and were able to help.) and escorted them into a secure room. He asked them to wait there.

He sprinted to the side of the college where Helen was, saving other students along the way. He found her and her class barricaded in a bio lab. After convincing her to leave (the rest of the class thought it was safer to stay in the lab) and making his way back to his gym class, they devised a plan. To save the entire school. Armed with minimal weapons, they took anything from bats to crowbars, to fire hatchets to fight back. They liberated fifty out of six hundred students at the college, and many of the other five hundred and fifty were zombies, so Helen and James ran away, along with their classmates and teachers.

The students and teachers scattered all over the region, looking for refuge. James and Helen do not seek refuge though, they don't want to look for safety, they want to create it.
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