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As much as I've been waiting and wanting a new iPad to replace my now EOL first generation and thinking that a smaller version would be great, I'm still on the fence about getting one. The price point isn't all that bad, considering the ecosystem that's already in place for it and the silent guarantee that I'll get at minimum a full iOS version update next year (none of which I can say about any android tablet). It's really the specs that get to me. Essentially they performed a die-shrink on the components in the iPad 2 for the iPad Mini. THe iPad 2 was fantastic when pitted against the original generation like I have, but compared to the new 4th Gen iPad or the discontinued 3rd gen iPad those specs are mediocre at best and I have to feel like there's a halfway decent chance of not getting updates after october of next year. I tend to use my iDevices for a minimum of 2-3 years so getting a product that might get EOL'd after a year and a half is simply not acceptable.

All of this said, the iPad mini is still a great device, I'm just simply weighing the options for another first gen device versus waiting until April/Mayor next October to see if a revised iPad Mini 2 comes out that outclasses this one by a factor of 2 which has been the recent trend in the regular iPad line.
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