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Daniel Williamson / Level 10
Floor 4: Dysthaven

As the two walked away, Daniel smiled. "I can see what your teacher said when you were in elementary school, 'smart but quick to jump to conclusions.'," He said to himself in a low voice. It was a reference to another game that he knew he'd rarely have the chance to use, even if he did mangle the original quote. Daniel could have explained himself to Ranzatsu, stopping him then and there to explain himself, but the three of them were headed in the same direction, anyway, so he decided to follow behind him. In reality, Daniel was incredibly tolerant of animals and other creatures. He was the type of person who would refute human superiority to the death and say that animals had as much worth as humans did, they weren't to be looked down on. The philosophy really bled into pretty much everything he did, including religion and video gaming, so the accusation was a little annoying to him. Still, he had no intention of taming the golem, it was nature that probably had no feelings or conscience that was bent to the will of an individual. At least, that's what it seemed to be.

Originally, he was going to leave the cave, but seeing as the two others were venturing into a potentially dangerous situation, he took a look at his inventory to see if he had any crystals in the case that the situation did prove fatal. He knew that the golem was rare, but he also heard about an incident about a week back involving a few players on the third floor sighting what they suspected was a 50th floor level monster. They got away, luckily enough, and there was no way to prove that what they saw was a monster from the 50th floor or if they saw anything at all, but considering the strength of the golem, he decided to be overly cautious. Unfortunately for him, there were only 2 escape crystals in his inventory, thus if anything were to happen, it would be him who was getting the shaft.

Then there was the fact that he found the two he was traveling with to be interesting. Ranzatsu seemed to be the somber and quiet yet stern person not different from how Daniel himself had been at a younger age. Jet was empathetic and adventurous, making him a joy to travel with. These were two people that were far too enjoyable to let die. Couple that with the fact that the only person on his Friends List was the missing Alistair, and he really couldn't afford to let these two go. He equipped his Charm of Goliath and ran deeper into the cave until he was up to speed with Jet and Ranzatsu.
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