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    John Archer[Ranzatsu]

    "I feel for you, believe me. I give you credit for being able to put up with it though."

    -He lifted a hand to pat her shoulder, but thought better of it and let it fall back to his side. He then shook his head to clear his head of his hesitation and continued walking at his fast pace without saying much else to the woman. He breathed in the stale air of the caves and released a muffled cough as a cloud of dust was caught in his intake. He didn't like caves too much, and he wasn't even there for anything else but level grinding and perhaps some other materials for better armor or pawning.

    Perhaps it had been foolish to refuse the offer from the deranged player who had offered him free ores, but he didn't want to get involved with him or any like him. They tended to be the kind who could be murmuring randomly one moment and slitting your throat the next. He couldn't afford to die in this world, because he had family and friends he needed to get back to and his future at the least. His eyes widened for a moment then shrank back to normal size with an arched eyebrow as Daniel sped past him and into the darkness ahead. He seemed to recall Daniel saying something before but had been lost in his thoughts.

    Ranzatsu already possessed the map data for this area by negotiating with a stubborn player shop owner for a good 26 minutes. After lifting his hand to a certain height he let it drop slowly to bring up the in-game menu, and from there selected his map. After inspecting it for a moment he lifted a hand to grasp his chin thoughtfully.

    "The boss room huh? That should already be cleared... unless Kayaba added a respawning system for bosses as well. Jet, that guy may be getting in over his head if he thinks we can handle that thing on our own. The Knights of Blood alone weren't able to clear it, and had to partner with another in order to do so. Hurry up."

    He activated his own speed as Daniel had also done and raced up towards the boss room making quick twists and turns to lead him to the boss rooms door where that deranged one and Daniel were waiting. Well, not exactly waiting, Daniel sat on the floor with his sword in the ground while Fester kept trying various ways to open the door.

    "You two, whatever you are thinking, I hope it's not to try and confront whatever is behind that door. It is beyond our capabilities individually, and even as a group; to enter would be suicide."
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