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Well sheet, if Megaman is signing up to an RP based on Pokémon -and- The Walking Dead, then I don't really have a choice, do I? xD I should have an SU up in a couple hours, with any luck!

Any idea when abouts the IC thread will be up?

And thus, an SU was born! Hope this is good enough, and if not, do let me know what to change

Name: Jackson Wells

Age: 21

Gender: Male

Appearance(Picture can be provided in its place): Jack isn’t exactly the most physically fit person in the world, but before all of the crazy stuff happened, he did use to do a little workout here and there, and spent quite some time travelling back and forth between cities for his parents.
He’s thin, but not athletically built. He has black hair, short in the front and long in the back, reaching down to his neck. He’s a very average-looking type guy, but he doesn’t exactly look like a guy with the capabilities of a leader, sometimes looking somewhat doubtful of himself, even if he, in his mind, isn’t.

Personality: Jackson probably isn’t the kind of person someone would have expected to be one of the survivors of the apocalypse. Nor would anyone have said that he’d die as one of the first. Jackson is a somewhat unremarkable person in that regard, more or less simply slipping under the radar of most people.

Jackson has always preferred to be in very small groups of people, but has never said no when it came to the choice of helping someone else, or himself. At least, that’s how it was –before- all of this happened.
After the recent events, he’s been more wary of people (and Pokémon) in general, but will always hear out someone who gives him a reason to believe they wouldn’t attack him on sight.

Once you get to know him, you’ll find him to be a tinge realistic, but with a good amount of positivity, which is rare for a world that’s gone, well, to ****, like this. He cares the most for his Pokémon, more so than he does himself, and will do everything he can to ensure the survival of him, and them. But if it came to a choice between them and another person in need… chances are, he’ll have a hard time deciding.

History(How did you avoid the infection, what was life like leading up to it? 6 lines minimum): Jackson lived his entire life in Lavender Town, alongside his mother and father, his mother who worked at the Pokémon Center. He had, with the help of his father, managed to catch a Gastly at a very early age, and he’s been living with said Gastly for quite a long time. Not long ago, he also caught an Abra, who he’s recently bonded with, during one of his deliveries for his mother.

About four days before the outbreak, Jackson was asked by his mother to deliver a parcel to Pewter City, containing some medicine, ordered by them. The Pokérus fad was dying down, and Jackson was honestly happy about it, for one reason or another.

It took him a couple of days to arrive in Pewter City, being in the other side of the region and whatnot, but he eventually did arrive. However, as he went to deliver the parcel in the Pokémon Center, all hell broke loose outside. Pokémon were attacking humans, shouting, screaming, crying and generally chaos.

Jackson was horried with what he saw through the windows of the Pokémon Center, and some brave souls ran out, trying to help the people outside. However, the police officer thankfully present quickly shut down the Center and prevented anyone else from going out… or coming in. Jackson and a few others said that they had to help others who might need shelter, but the officer quickly took charge of the situation and made it clear that if they didn’t follow his rules, they were welcome to leave.

Several days went by where the occupants of the Pokémon Center simply waited, trying to get some news from the outside world in, via the TV or the Radio within, but with no such luck. On the fourth day of being locked up in the Center, a scream emitted from the back room, and it didn’t take a genius to figure out what had happened. An infected Rattata had snuck its way in through a ventilation shaft and assaulted the nurse.

The Center evolved into chaos, and before long, only four people managed to get out of the building alive. Jackson, the police officer, and two others. Outside, they met with several infected Pokémon –and- humans. The sight of these, made Jackson freeze in place and turn tail, running deeper into the city, abandoning the others. Eventually, he managed to find a house that looked fairly intact, and with the help of his two Pokémon, quickly cleared it out of infected, using his Kadabra’s Psycho Cut, once he had discovered the only way to killing an infected, was the head.

He holed himself up within the house, making sure it was more or less air tight, and stayed put, hoping desperately that someone would stop by… someone who could help him return to Lavender and check up on his parents.


Haunter (Male);

Nickname: Fog

Moves: Confuse Ray, Shadow Punch, Hypnosis, Dream Eater and Night Shade.

Kadabra (Male);

Nickname: Ace
Moves: Psychic, Psybeam, Psycho Cut, Teleport and Recover.

Opening Post(8-10 lines minimum):
“I… think it’s gone…” Jackson mumbled out as he peeked through a tiny hole in the curtains of the living room, glancing back at Ace, the Kadabra, sitting with its legs crossed on the floor, and the Haunter, slowly floating around the lamp hanging from the ceiling, which wasn’t lit. He had turned on a small lamp and put it in the middle of the room, thanking Arceus for the electricity at least still being here.

“Dabra.” Ace said, his hands resting on his knees while looking up at Jackson. He sighed softly and pulled the curtain firmly shut again, moving over to sit down in front of Ace, Fog slowly descending down next to Ace, glancing between the two.

“I don’t know what to do, guys…” He ran his hand through his hair, taking a deep breath. “If we can even make it out of the city, we’ll still have to either go through the cave to Vermillion, or to Cerulean… and we have no idea the state of the other cities. I think Celadon would be a safe bet to go to… it’s a big city, and they probably made some defenses pretty quickly.”

The Pokémon stayed quiet as Jackson mumbled out his ideas, eventually closing his eyes with a frown. “… It’ll be alright. We just need to wait for someone to come through. Hopefully they’ll see my sign and try to get in here. We’re starting to run low on food too…” He added, looking up at the others, Fog now looking a little worried. “Haunter..?”

The sign he was referring to was a fairly big piece of wood resting up against the house he was hiding in, with large letters writing out “HELP – Living inside”. He had cleared out the middle of the rooms throughout the house and used the two sofas to block up the front door, just in case.
Hopefully help would indeed come soon.
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