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Waah! This looks so exciting! Count me in!!
Name: Ericka "Eri" Kenway
Age: Seventeen and three months
Gender: Female
Physical: Ericka, who stands at a disappointing 5'4", looks a little too much like a child. With her face being a little rounded, speckled with freckles and a chest as flat as a board, you could say Ericka really hasn't hit puberty yet (she's not even sure herself). Her skin is olive toned with tanning, obvious if she takes her shoes off to see a completely obvious sock tan. Her hair, being a soft red, is long and well kept. She has a fringe which she parts to the right and often has her hair in a long pony tail, unless she's sleeping or feels uncomfortable. Her eyes are a hazel green, and are a smooth almond shape. Her cheeks are a little rosy and teeth a little crooked. As for her limbs and extremities, they are perfectly average for one her height and weight.

Clothing: Having grown up in a beach area, Ericka is used to beach clothes. This includes mainly cutesy summer dresses, short sleeved shirts and short shorts and, on the odd occasion, bikini top mixed with board shorts. Assorted jewellery is usually included as well as simple shoes to complete the outfit. Ericka takes pride in what she looks like and although a little distasteful on comments about how old she looks, she embraces a 'cute' look. For adventuring, she might dress a little hardier, like boots or something.
Personality: Ericka is a bubbly ball of fun. She's energetic and excitable and it's very easy to make her laugh. She loves to make friends and will sometimes go out and do so intentionally if given the chance. When not working in her mother's grocery store, she's often about town, talking to the locals and greeting the tourists and newcomers. If there is one thing that she finds exceptionally annoying though, it's comments about her size or appearance. Not necessarily, "you're cute!" (she'd actually really enjoy a compliment like that) but when one finds out about her age, words such as "you look really young!" or "are you sure you're old enough to be doing that?" can tick her off so easily and so quickly. Because she's had those comments since she was 15 or so, she is fast losing her patience with them.

Other than that though, Ericka is the friendliest person you could ever meet. She also enjoys other pastimes like playing volleyball with her friends on the beach, playing guitar or a little bit of archery (though she's pretty awful at that. She just does it for fun, mainly). She's never interacted with Pokémon a lot, only seeing the few around town who belong to passerbyers, fisherman and her mother's Aipom which helps in the shop. She's always wanted to see the world, however. That's why going on this journey feels so important to her. With a chance for people to look past her size and see the champion she knows she can be, Ericka wouldn't pass up an opportunity like this for the world.

History: Ericka was born into a small beach town by the bay in Zaude. She was mainly raised by her mother as her father, an average fisherman, was lost at sea when she was very young, probably about 3 or 4 years old. To raise her daughter and son (Hal, younger than Ericka by 3 years), she used the money they had left to sell her father's boats and buy the local grocer. They both grew like any other kid; going to school, making friends, doing homework and on the odd occasion, helping their mother with her shop. Honestly, Ericka's life has been quite dull since she could ever remember and she would attach herself to anything new or exciting, be that reading the news intently every week or speaking to travellers about their lives and what the outside world is like. When an opportunity arose to leave her boring town and create her own story, Ericka was gone faster than her mother could say 'yes'.

With her, she carries a journal, which she plans on filling with tales of her adventures. What's on the first page? Details of a dream that was more interesting than all of the travellers' stories combined. Maybe it was her subconscious telling her it was time to get away...

Starter Pokemon:
Species: Dratini
  • Wrap
  • Leer
  • Thunder Wave
Pokemon Gender: Female
Representative Legendary: Suicune
RP Sample: (give me a recent RP post of yours, to give me an idea of how you are going to write in the RP)
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