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Almost done, just have to do the history.

Aina Martis
  • Age: 18

  • Gender: Female

  • Appearance: Aina has long, curly light blue hair in front that goes down to her neck, while she has short hair in the back. Her eyes are dark brown, complimenting her black eyebrows. She's about 5'10, about average height for her age. She has rather long arms, small hands, and long legs. Her skin is a natural bronze color. She wears a light blue crop top over a black T-shirt that hugs her rather slender figure and her small chest, and on her lower half she wears a pair of dark red silk pants. Aina is somewhat skinny, both in weight and in muscle mass. On her small feet are a pair of white ballet flats and white socks.

    Due to her weak immune system, she carries a white cold mask with her. She carries a tan satchel across her body, for the sake of carrying various items such as medicine and pokeballs.

  • Personality: Aina has always been a sickly individual. She wasn't exactly bed ridden so much as she was cautious. Aina's parents were heavy believers that a lack of freedom in a child's life would lead to depression and indefinite innocence. They believed that their child should experience the world and not be confined to a bed. Because of this, Aina's parents decided to teach her about the common dangers of the world, causing Aina, in turn, to become a cautious individual. She's quite the adventurous individual due to the restrictions of her physical status. She loves to see the world for more than "the area around her house" is, and because of the restriction placed on how far she can go due to her fragile physical nature and sickly well being, she immerses herself in fantastical art and books. In doing so, she has become quite the intelligent individual, smarter than most of her age. Her family sees this trait as a treasure that makes their daughter a gem, and they promote such her creative enrichment because of it. Still, Aina is not at all pompous, largely because she is not self-aware. While she certainly isn't naive (she can't be), she knows not of her intellectual prowess, and due to her isolation she's unaware of exactly how different she is to others.

    Aina is incredibly fond of pokemon. Her social interaction is, as expected, kept to a minimum, so she can be quite lonely at times. Because of this, Aina was fascinated by the mysterious, intelligent creatures. She saw the pokemon as a human society, and she treated pokemon as if they were peers when she was a child. She awed in their mystery and pleasured in their mutual interaction. As she grew, she learned, both through books and through logic, about what they were and how they worked. She found that, later in life she could not treat pokemon as peers any longer, but she did not treat them as being lower than she was. They were, in a sense, her family and closest friends for most of her life, it would be a betrayal to go against them. She is actually quite sociable and friendly, but she is assertive and defensive when she needs to be. Aina is also quite confident in herself and is an ambitious individual.

  • Representative Legendary: Azelf

  • History: The Martis family is a normal middle class family; they weren't particularly rich, nor were they particularly poor. Thus, when Aina was born, sickly and anemic as she was, it was quite difficult for them to gain good professional help. Thus, the family was forced to turn to mostly homebrew methods to even stabilize her birth. The family was rather moderate sized, so it was no surprise that there be someone in the family well versed in herbology and medicine.

    Aina's particular branch of the family, however, wanted a higher status. While Aina's mother, Haynie, wasn't so aggressive about it and was almost indifferent, but her father, Kain, was almost competitive about it. It came as a shock when Aina was born that they could not again conceive another child. Initially, Aina bore no apparent significant skills. She wasn't athletic, she wasn't smart, she couldn't sing, she couldn't draw, and what's more, her father could not bring himself to force her to get involved in such activities. This was incredibly disappointing to her father, but as competitive as he was, he stayed with his wife and child, regardless. As time went on, however, Aina's restriction to their property led to the development of a very able-minded girl, something that her father was incredibly proud of and shocked by. He had not endorsed nor forced her to engage herself in such recreation, it was a natural development created of her own will. Of course, she wasn't aware of her ability, she simply noticed that her father showed more affection for her, and that made her happy.

    It didn't stop here, though. Kain had to figure out how to use such abilities to the family's advantage. Numerous plans were thought up, most of them she was either too frail to be in some and her mother wouldn't tolerate others, he was coming to a loss. Then he noticed an area of great interest to her, Pokemon. It was no secret that winning symbols not only won them fame and money, but above all, it won them power. With the intellect and imagination that Aina had, she would definitely be a shoo-in for pokemon battling. However, he wasn't going to endanger his daughter's life for his own ambition, however. No, it was an impossible it seemed. One day, Aina woke up from bed talking about some strange dream she had. It was a hokey and jumpy, she clearly couldn't remember it all, but what was surprising was her insistence to go out and leave the premises. Both parents were shocked; they both knew that she was interested in "the outside world", but she'd never proposed actually leaving before, it was only natural, it was all that she knew. What's more, she had never been so full of life, so incredibly empowered, it was so grand and joyous that the two didn't question it. Kain took advantage of this so that he, his daughter, and the rest of the family could mutually benefit, contacting Professor Vayne, the local professor, and telling her of his daughter, her circumstances, and the recent occurrences. Intrigued, the professor sent him a letter intended for his daughter. The letter invited Aina to come to Vayne's laboratory for her first pokemon. Shocked and intrigued, Aina's parents properly suited her for the journey there and she set off.

  • Species: Riolu

  • Gender: Male

  • Moves:
    • Foresight
    • Quick Attack
    • Endure

RP Sample: From Skymin's RP "Pandora"
Rin Shavi
Cooking for Three

The sun was shining bright, its rays hitting the trees above, providing comfortable shade for the creatures below. A Pidgey was being roasted on a makeshift spit, and a girl was looking to the sky in wonder. Rin looked back to the spit to see that the Pidgey had been roasted to a glorious golden brown. Feign ran over to the spit, barking impatiently at his breakfast-to-be. Rin got up and started dividing the pieces among the two of them. The two were similar in their methods of eating the Pidgey, they were ravenous and aggressive, ripping it apart. After a short time, the Pidgey was completely devoured and all there was left was the skeleton. Rin let out a satisfied belch and stood up. "Okay, Feign, I need you to stay here and take care of Beau," Rin said, pointing to the Caterpie. "There are three of us now, and Beau is young, I'm going to have to go look for his food." After having uttered those words, Rin ran into the wilderness.

There were several ways Rin traveled through the wilderness, especially areas with condensed tree populations like forests, jungles, and now Route 1, one of which was jumping branch to branch. It's normally incredibly dangerous, but the size of the trees and the number of branches makes it so that she has more time to catch herself if a branch breaks. Now the way I see it, Beau will only need about three berries per meal, so if I find thirty berries, we'll be good for ten days, Rin thought to herself. She headed for a tree and started running up it. Her run then changed to a climb as she took out her knives and started stabbing into the tree, the knives almost acting as makeshift ladder steps that one grabs onto. After reaching a good sized branch, she climbed onto it and put her knives away. She scanned the area below and the tree leaves, but found no berries. She jumped to the next tree not to far away, the branch creaking under her weight. She scanned the area again, this time finding a large knothole in the tree, and inside there were berries. The problem was, guarding the berries were three Spinerak wandering the web covering the knothole. Rin considered taking them down and taking the berries, but it was most certainly more of a chore for them to obtain more than it was for her.


When around Rin, Beau is very cuddly and affectionate, but around Feign he wasn't so friendly. This was likely because Rin was female and Feign wasn't, and because Feign is incredibly obedient, and despite his gentle nature, he's very defensive of and loyal to Rin, and he'll get aggressive if he has to; that, and he's a naturally ravenous eater, which is a pretty frightening sight. Feign, lying down, looked at Beau. Beau jumped at his gesture and hid behind the spit. Feign then turned and closed his eyes. Beau peeked out from the spit and looked curiously at the Electrike. Beau wandered close, looking at his face, almost as if he were studying it. Feign opened his eyes, and Beau rushed back to the spit. It was a cute display, to be sure. Something rustled in the overgrown grass nearby. Beau bolted towards Feign for protection, and Feign raised his head to the sound. Out of the grass came a Bulbasaur. Feign stood up, but the Bulbasaur wasn't trying to attack, it was simply passing by. Feign looked at Beau and smiled, but Beau quickly bolted back to the spit. More rustling followed, and this time the "visitors" were most certainly aggressors.

Two String Shots shot out from the grass and embraced Beau, quickly pulling him into the tall grass. Feign stood up and bolted towards the kidnappers. He almost caught up to them when his legs were tied by another String Shot. One of the kidnapping Spineraks stopped to staunch the Electrike, and then it went back to dragging Beau. However, before it could get back, Feign paralyzed it with a Thunder Wave, thus leaving both Feign and the Spinerak immobile. It was a seemingly useless venture, however, as the other Spinerak was still able to drag Beau alone, albeit at a slower pace. Electrike barked angrily in regret, and then whimpered in lament.


The wind blew threw her hair as she jumped from tree to tree, scanning her surroundings for berries, then she was struck by hindsight, making her lose her footing and fall. She managed to catch herself on a branch; it broke, but it made the fall less painful. She then dashed back to the tree where the Spinerak were at full speed. "I can't believe how stupid I was!" she yelled to herself. "Spinerak are Carnivores, they only eat berries for medicinal purposes...they definitely don't need all of those." Almost missing the tree, she slid in an attempt to stop and then bolted up the tree. She returned to the sturdy branch where the knothole was and said "Hey guys, I've returned for th-" Then she stopped dead in her tracks. Inside the knothole was a large white lump. Now, this would be normal in most cases, they are, after all, Spinerak. However, this specific lump had antennae, ones clearly belonging to a Caterpie. The smell emanating from the antennae (as stimulated reaction out of fear) was familiar; It was most certainly Beau. Rin was unable to move, and unable to speak; she was in shock. Then, she let out a blood-curdling scream.


Her eyes became bloodshot, her breathing became heavy and aggressive, her muscles bulged, her judgement became questionable, and her morals were non-existent. "'re all dead!" Tears started streaming down her face as memories of the Diglett from the Temple started rushing back. She took out her two knives and held them both in an offensive, yet notably chaotic position. "I'll kill you all, you're all dead!" She was gripping the knives so hard that her hands almost started to bleed, leaving bruises. Her arms moved in small movements erratically and shook vigorously. She destroyed the cover to the knothole, tearing the silk to shreds. The three Spinerak tried to hold her down with String Shots, but she was far too unruly and broke through. She started to attack, but then...a subtle happening. A wiggle. The small lump wiggled, and it caught Rin's eye. Her muscles started to shrink and her eyes regained their natural color. "B-Beau?" Rin said in a hopeful voice. The lump once again wiggled. "Beau!" She said, the streams of tears getting larger. She cut the silk from Beau and hugged him tight. "I'm so glad to see that you're okay!" She exclaimed, as if talking to a child. Beau nuzzled her in response. The happy moment was broken up by an onslaught of Poison Sting attacks aimed for Rin's back. She smiled a devious smile, bearing the attacks. She commanded Beau to use String Shot on the three, and while he didn't tie them all together, he did manage to tag them all with the string. Rin touched the tree, examining it. It was dry, and at the same time it was smooth, it could endure a small fire without being engulfed. She gathered about 10 berries (most of them Oran, but various others) from the knothole and placed them in her backpack. She then took a match out and started to light it, but was overcome by a sharp pain that overtook her body. The poison was circulating. Unlike the "Leech Life Incident", she was still able to move, the poison hadn't reached critical levels, it'd take a little while for that. She lit the match and set the string on fire, burning the three, and distracting them temporarily. She grabbed Beau and jumped to a branch below, but she slipped and fell onto the ground below. It didn't take long for the Spinerak to follow suit, as well as another Spinerak that joined in from elsewhere. Rin needed time to check to see if any of the berries were Pecha berries, and even if they were, she would need time to recover. Beau went to her front as if to protect her. It was one on four, and Beau certainly wasn't the strongest fighter. Suddenly, one of the Spinerak was thrust into one of the trees, fainting on impact. Feign appeared out of the overgrown grass, and went to Beau's side, also defending Rin.

VS. x3

Feign ran towards one Spinerak, and used Thunder Wave, paralyzing it. One Spinerak leapt towards Feign and was promptly Tackled by Beau. Beau was hit by a Poison Sting, but luckily avoided being poisoned. Feign Tackled the Spinerak Tackled by Beau, but it hung on. Rin finally found a Pecha Berry among one of the berries in her backpack. Even though berries are normally eaten by pokemon and taste disgusting to most humans (however, wild berries are often processed and drunk by humans as drinks), the restorative properties are universal. Rin, however, has eaten berries all her life, and thus she acquired a taste for them. The restorative process started to take place, and even though she wasn't fit to fight, she stood up and readied her fist, unsteady and trembling. She realized her weakness, and sat back down. Beau then knocked out the weakened Spinerak with a Tackle, and Feign did the same with the paralyzed one. There was one Spinerak left, and it was unharmed. It looked scared, and it had every right to be. After all, a strange woman invaded their home, took their food, and almost tried to kill them, ordering her pokemon to knock out her friends (even though they did it on their own). Rin smiled gently, realizing that they did all of this out of necessity, and signaled for it to leave, as it promptly did. She wobbled towards Feign and Beau, the former of which licked her hand and the latter climbing on her shoulder and nuzzling her head with his, and they all started following the path towards Kamen Rock.
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