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    Here it is... ;D

    I N N O C E N C E* SU
    Name: Josè Relámpago (means 'lightning' in Spanish)

    Age: 17

    Gender: Male

    Appearance: José is of Hispanic descent, and has a slight accent. He has slightly dark skin, and black hair, which José has let grow out to shoulder length. He has sharp facial features, and a thin frame. José, despite being almost unnaturally skinny, is quite strong. He is tall, at six and a half feet tall. José usually wears a muscle shirt and gym shorts, but can sometimes be seen wearing Jeans and a trenchcoat when it is colder. José is always wearing a necklace, which has a lightningbolt decoration on it. This is his 'good luck charm', and José is never found without it.

    Personality: To put it simply, José is a bully. He often picks on those weaker than him, and thinks of them as lesser humans. He thinks that Pokemon are simply tools to make one appear stronger, so he gets in more fist fights than Pokemon battles. He is often easily sidetracked, and can be tricked reasonably easily. José will only trust someone as his friend if they can prove that they are strong, and even then he is hard to get along with. However, once he does trust you, José is a faithful friend that will help you with almost anything. He often calls people 'Bro' and 'Dude', and jokes around a lot.

    History: José was born in a small, oceanside town that revolved largely around Water Pokemon. Lapras were used instead of boats, Magicarp were their main source of food, the list goes on. José, who hated this environment, ran away when he was ten, taking a Lapras across the sea. Seeing as he didn't have any Pokeballs, José was forced to leave his friend behind, setting out for the nearest town.

    Once he got there, he realized just how secluded his old life was. José had walked directly into an industrialized city, the largest building emblazoned with 'LATIOS corp.' José secretly entered this building, finding it instead to be a factory. While he was there, he stole a few Pokeballs, and left the corporation behind him. He lived in a nearby town for several years before actually hearing about the Pokemon Proffessor of the region. It was then that he journeyed to her, and recived Zephyr.

    Starter Pokemon:
    -Species: Zorua (shiny?)
    -Nickname: Zephyr
    -Moves: Dark Pulse, Bounce, Scratch, Shadow Ball, Extrasensory, Fake Tears
    -Pokemon Gender: Male

    Representative Legendary: Zapdos

    RP Sample: Pokémon: The Walking Dead; Rick rolled off the mat that he slept on. He was the first one up, as usual, so he went out the front door quietly. He sat behind the barracades that he had planned, and looked over the ocean at the rising sun. He released Aggron from his ultra ball, and the mountainous Pokemon stood next to him. They didn't say or do anything for over five minutes, then Steven, his only true friend in the gym society, came and joined them.

    "Ready for our morning run?" He asked, and Rick nodded. He went back inside, and grabbed his machete from next to his bedroll. He strapped it on, and left, being sure to notify Misty, who was up. Rick walked back outside to see that Steven had been talking to Aggron.

    "Let's go." Rick said. He unlocked the many deadbolts on the metal door, and returned Aggron, who wouldn't fit, to his ball. The group went out, Steven closing the door behind him, flinching slightly as the automatic locks engaged.

    "Got one. At your ten." Steven said, as he was leading. Rick saw the human, a female, shuffling towards them. Rick sheathed his machete, and drew a hatchet that he had picked up in lavender town. He threw it, his aim being dead on. The walker slumped to the ground, uttering a low groan. Rick retrieved his throwing knife, decapitating the Walker for good measure. The duo finished their daily circuit, not encountering any more Walkers. Misty was delighted to see them back, as she always was, and they continued with their daily lives.