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"Th-this is it!" pointed the scout, his red and silver dagger pointed at the huge, stone door. His party was small, an elite few from their guild, and after many hours they had finally made it to the centre of the dungeon.

His teammate opened up his item menu, scrolling through his long list of items - he soon found the crystal he was looking for.
Portal Crystal: Activating this crystal allows players to travel directly to your location.
The Knights of Blood kept a good supply of high level crystals, rumour has it that they had several beaters studying the art of Alchemy for the guilds use. The crystal shone as the user activated it, a bright light filling the dreary hall of the dungeon and forming a ring of light. All around Aincrad a message flew across the evening sky.

Floor 5's Dungeon has been located!

The automated system read the announcement in a booming voice, players from every floor looking up in awe, readying their equipment and quickly checking their potion supply. All it took to join the front lines was a single teleport crystal.

One by one players joined the initial scouting team, both individuals from their guild, from neighbouring guilds and the odd solo player or two. Everyone was keen to progress the game and take out the next boss. The stone hallway slowly filled up, dozens of players and several parties gearing up and ready to go.

A Knights of Blood general stood forward, in front of the great, carved door.

"The beaters have informed me of what lies beyond this door!" He cried, cheers in the audience rallying behind him, "We're going to need speed and strength to overcome this beast. Do not make yourself a liability, you may not get a chance to redeem yourself."

General Leon had already taken part in two dungeon clearings before, and with several beaters falling under his guild's wing they had the advantage of information - at least until level 10. A well established fighter and front man, Leon was the perfect candidate to lead the players in to battle.

With one forceful push the door swung open, a dimly lit chamber awaited the troops.


Priority Mission: Defeat the boss! **Once you enter you may not leave**
Current Dungeon: 5
Recruiting Guilds: Black Cats, Knights of Blood, Fuurinkazan [Joining a Guild requires lv 10]


Karack the Bone-Crusher

Location: Floor 5
Strengths: Powerful attacks, thick skin.
Weaknesses: Slow moving.

Description: Karack is a powerful, ogre-like monster found in the depths of the dungeon. Standing at 20ft tall, this boss is a large target to hit, however it's thick skin means it will take more than a few cuts to bring it down. Being relatively slow moving, and apelike in posture, is it's main disadvantage - however one clean hit could prove fatal for a low level character, so best be cautious.

Punches from this monster may just about be blockable by higher-level, greataxe or greatsword users, however dodging is always the safest option. If the ogre charges for a full on body slam, there is no chance to stop its advances.

Like many large, lumbering creatures the weakpoint is the head. Living in the dark for so long, the ogre has very sensitive eyes - using the dungeons torches, found along the walls, could prove useful in distracting or disorientating the boss. Once distracted, for high damage, being able to swipe at the head region is the best bet in taking Karack down - the only problem is getting up there...

Dungeon reference: (Imagine some torches and no exit.)

How to take part:
1. See/hear the message played across all worlds.
2. Teleport or stumble across the dungeon waiting hall, where players are gathering.
3. Note General Leon's speech.
4. Enter the boss fight - join in!

Please be respectful of other roleplayers, mention other players attacking but make sure not to GM players into doing something not mentioned in their posts - you can use NPCs for that.

In a weeks time (Next Friday/Saturday) a 'winner' will be chosen and the next few floors will unlock!
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