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    I've been public, private, and homeschooled, and I know what it's like for all three. In my local public school, the teachers can be really nice, but depending on who you are, kids can get really mean and interfere with learning. I'm unusual compared to the other kids in my grade so, I got spitballed, had books thrown at me, got sworn at, and was made fun of for bad reasons. Usually, the teachers and even the principal, are couldn't help. They tried their best, but the other kids remained rather mean.
    In the private school I went to, was probably the best school years ever. But, they had no enrichment or extra help for some students who either need more of a challenge, or need a bit of help. The private schools usually have a stricter dress code, too. I couldn't wear jeans, and no shirts with words on them. Unlike public school, the kids were fewer but friendlier, and I considered every classmate a friend of mine. We had sleds for winter recess, and we could play dodgeball in indoor recess, and we could even play computer during snack. It was a great experience for me.
    I am currently homeschooled, which worked better for me than public school, and the private school I went to ends at 6th grade, so it's good. I get to make my own lunch, and I can wear pajamas to school. Bullies are not a problem, but it can get very lonely if you're a very social person. I end my days faster, and have longer summers. Also, it's more flexible, if you have a dentist appointment, you don't have any homework to catch up to, and you can get away with drawing in class. I can also take a break without having to ask, I just have to pause my video. This is how different schools worked for me as an individual.
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