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Not saying I disagree there either, but in this age of everyone being right, and everyone else being wrong, it is very hard to tell which is truth. People perceive based on very tangible actions of the government that it is one of tyranny as well, such as the NDAA provisions. The actual belief that it will be used on a regular basis to ensure power dominance and whatnot is vastly skewed, but the fact remains that it could very well happen. Things like that are what the people I'm talking about believe. I agree that a lot of stuff out there is hogwash, but when it boils down to it, a lot of things DO happen that based on one's beliefs could be perceived as wrong and worth fighting.

I'd go back to the Founders here as well: I'm sure many people were perfectly okay with the British government at the time, particularly non-Colonials. While there was more tangibility and fact supporting what we believe to be "wrong" happening at the time, such as those unfair taxes, the quartering, the outright oppression we believe today, it doesn't mean that there wasn't also rhetoric at the time as well feeding the movement. It's human nature to exaggerate things and it's also perception based.

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