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Favourite pony: I have two favourites, Applejack and Fluttershy, but if I have to pick between the both of them, it'll have to be Applejack. :3

Additional information: At first, I heard about MLP through a friend casually mentioning that her brother watches it and that he said it was good. I didn't think much about it and ignored it, thinking it must be some girly show and that why was my friend's brother watching it lol?! Many, many months later, I heard about it again and my curiosity increased to a point where I decided to give the first episode a shot and I am now! xD

I chose Applejack as my favourite pony as I love her country accent as well as her faithful and strong personality. I think I need not say more. :D

Oh, and my thoughts about the 3rd season:

I think it was really good, except that they should have developed King Sombra a little bit more. All he really did was float around, look malicious and growl menacingly. Overall, it was an awesome episode. Great animation, great storyline. <3