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La Storia della
[Rated T]
IC Thread | OOC Thread

~ Sign-ups are currently closed; all spots are taken! ~

Welcome to the story of the Arcana Famiglia. In this role-play you play a member of the Arcana Famiglia, a proud family of gifted individuals, each of whom have made a contract with a certain Arcana card. The Arcana cards are items of huge power which will lend their strength to a human upon forming a contract with them and swearing their loyalty. Each card has different effects, some of which are more powerful than others, and each card presents itself as an Arcana mark tattoo somewhere on the host's body. Arcana cards work using the host's emotions as power, so in order to master the power of an Arcana card, the host must have full control over their emotions or the powers won't work as hoped. Only those proven to have a deep connection to their emotions and the power and dedication to sustain a contract are selected to host an Arcana card and are invited to become part of The Familigia; not all members are related by blood but there is a well established connection between certain bloodlines and their affinity to hosting the Arcana cards so many family members share the same ancestors. Having a contract with an Arcana card also lends the user powers when their emotions are high such as increased strength, vitality, speed, or even in some cases the ability to conjure and control balls of pure energy. Losing control of emotions whilst using Arcana powers can be fatal; therefore only the best are selected to join The Famiglia. There are a grand total of 22 major Arcana cards, all of which are governed and controlled by card #21, The World.

The Famiglia, led by their ‘Papa’, uses these powers to help their sunny trading island of Regalo survive any threats that become it and act as the island's government by ruling it in sectors. Set 30 years after the death of Mondo, the family's most beloved Papa to date, the island has become a bustling hub of peace and activity abound with docks and markets as far as the eye can see. Such a busy place obviously attracts a lot of crime but this is easily dealt with by Sword, the family’s defence and policing division, leaving the criminals unlikely to re-offend whilst Sword remain vigilant. Coin, the family’s economic sector, has run the economy well since the retirement of their previous leader Debito and as a result form a staple part of the island's structure whilst working alongside the other sectors of the house to ensure the community thrives. There is a large mansion with impressive steel gates and countless looming statues atop a steep hill in which the Arcana Famiglia resides, overlooking the serene sea-side town below with pale yellow buildings and canvas roofs abound. The city is often full of market stalls and boats coming to the island for trading, providing a warm and friendly atmosphere all year round. Almost every point on the island overlooks the vast blue ocean surrounding them, making it the perfect place for a little R&R.

30 years ago Mondo, the holder of The World card, passed away leaving his title and Arcana contract to Nova, his son-in-law. The holder of The World card is responsible for maintaining the power, contracts and stability of all other Arcana cards and is given the title of 'Papa', making them the head of the family. Cards being left without contracts or cards forming unstable contracts with their holder take more energy from The World to sustain, resulting in the host's life force being drained and leading to a premature death if contracts are not established for the remaining cards. Felicita, Nova’s wife and the ‘Mama’ of the family, has a contract with two cards one of which is The Wheel of Fortune which she regularly uses to ease the burden that Nova carries, but as the life force continues to drain from him time is running out and The World needs a new host.


In his early childhood, Nova was abused constantly by his father and his powers were exploited by his family as a chance of getting rich; this became too much for Nova to bear and so his Arcana powers went out of control. His contract at the time was with card #13, Death, giving him the power to put people to sleep instantly, resulting in him cursing both of his parents with a never-ending sleep. After Mondo’s passing and Nova gaining the powers of The World card, he used it to break his contract with Death and in turn broke the curse on his parents; however only his father Moreno awoke from the eternal slumber leaving his mother deceased. This caused Moreno unimaginable suffering knowing what his son had done to him and his wife and thus he swore revenge to show Nova just how it feels to be turned on by your own family. He pretended to be grateful for Nova saving him from the sleep and worked his way into the family to the point where he was able to make a contract with card #15, The Devil, giving him the power to control the emotionally weak to act at his whim. After having received this contract, Moreno disappeared from the family for 2 years with no trace leaving a huge strain on The World and therefore Nova as a conflict arose within the emotion of the Arcana cards.

After 2 years had passed Nova became too weak from the strain of The World to continue ruling the family and so passed on his responsibilities to his childhood companion Liberta, the family’s executive head and second in command, whilst he focussed his energies on maintaining the stability of The World. Moreno heard of this news and took it as an opportunity to use the powers that he had been training since obtaining his Arcana contract and so contacted the Famiglia with threats of war. These threats were accepted by the family as they needed The Devil card back in their possession before the strain became too much for Nova to survive with and they assumed that one old man couldn't be any kind of a threat to them. However, when Moreno arrived at the Famiglia’s house, he brought with him an army of warriors prepared to fight on his behalf, resulting in large bloodshed on both sides as the war raged on and powers grew stronger. A man named Luca, the family’s adviser, finally managed to work out where Moreno’s army was coming from as he had made a contract with The Devil, allowing him to control emotionally-weak people as his slaves and thus creating a huge army of those that had not learnt to deal with their emotions. They made for angry and vicious fighters as their rage and sadness was exploited by Moreno but just as all seemed hopeless for the family, Nova concocted a plan to stop the army’s assault. He gathered the family together to find someone worthy of contracting with one of the most powerful Arcana of all; #1 The Magician, and eventually Luca was found to be the suitable host. He then used this power to amplify his previous Arcana, #14 Temperance, and use it to severely cripple Moreno’s powers and therefore release most of his army from his control. A few fighters still remain which Moreno sends in waves to attack the Famiglia, but whilst Luca remains strong the army stays small.

Due to the huge strain caused by these events, Nova grows ever weaker and is in desperate need of a new contract to be formed with The World before it becomes too much to handle and he dies. However, such an important and powerful card cannot be given to simply anyone, so it’s now up to you to see who gets the card and the title of ‘Papa’. A tournament called the Arcana Duello will soon be organised to take place late in the year in which everyone with an Arcana contract will participate to test their powers and see who’s strongest, and the winner will be granted one wish from Nova whilst becoming the new ‘Papa’ of the family. However Luca has been growing tired from the years of suppressing Moreno causing his powers to weaken by the day, so it’s only a matter of time before Moreno will get his chance to strike again.

Notable NPCs
  • Nova – ‘Papa’ (#21; The World); the head of the Arcana Famiglia and the reason behind Moreno’s plans; slowly dying from the effects of The World and needs to find a new ‘papa’ to take his place.
  • Felicita – ‘Mama’ (#10; The Wheel of Fortune, #6; The Lovers); married to Nova and looks after the family as their ‘Mama’.
  • Liberta - Executive Head (#0; The Fool); Nova’s best friend and Felicita’s ex-love interest; leads the family whilst Nova is unable.
  • Moreno - Nova's dad (#15; The Devil); rogue member of the Arcana Famiglia; vendetta against Nova.
  • Luca - Family advisor (#1; The Magician, #14; Temperance); Felicita’s personal assistant since birth; budding alchemist since birth and acts as the family’s doctor; supresses Moreno’s abilities to an extent.

  • Each card can only be contracted by one player and each player can only choose to contract one card.
  • Arcana card contracts provide a primary effect (listed below) and a secondary effect; the secondary effect provides power, agility, stamina, and in some cases elemental effects such as conjuring energy balls (include in SU if relevant to your character).
  • Two players will be dealt a secondary Arcana card each but will not be told about them until relevant to the story.
  • If you wish to leave the roleplay, please ensure your character dies so that someone else may create a character to form a contract with that card.
  • There can only be one leader of each sector; if two or more apply to be leader of the same sector the decision will be based on each player's RP sample.
  • When fighting, players cannot control each other's actions but are able to control NPC actions, other than against enemies which are specified otherwise.
  • Players may create NPCs to speak to and interact with, but none may be part of the famiglia (AKA no Arcana cards can be used up by NPCs that are created by players).
  • At first, a maximum of 12 players will be accepted leaving 3 spare Arcana cards.
  • Players may apply to enter the RP at any time, but may be asked to wait till a certain event before joining.

Arcana Cards & Powers
Cards in bold may not be selected as they are already occupied by NPCs or other players.

#N Arcana Name - Card's primary power (Owner)
#0 The Fool - What is wished for happens (Liberta - NPC)
#1 The Magician - Can strengthen other people's arcana powers and unlock their potentials (Luca - NPC)
#2 The High Priestess - Can restore health to others (Xoxaa Illiphia - Xlugon Pyro)
#3 The Empress - Ability to create illusions (Charisi "Ari" Terranci - Retro Bug)
#4 The Emperor - Remove & manipulate memories (Alexander Grant - Ash_Ketchum123)
#5 The Hierophant - Can remove hostility and unify a group; power over words
#6 The Lovers - See into someone's heart (Felicita - NPC)
#7 The Chariot - Ability to walk on any terrain (eg water) (Flint de Telarius - Raikiri)
#8 Strength - Incredible strength (Marcus de Telarius - Supervegeta)
#9 The Hermit - Invisibility (Beck de Telarius - Skymin)
#10 Wheel of Fortune - Ability to change host/card relationships (Felicita - NPC)
#11 Justice - Ability to influence someone's opinions (Adam Randi - machomuu)
#12 The Hanged Man - Ability to become intangible when desperate (Oda Baldotter - Lilizuki)
#13 Death - Instant sleep; solo and group
#14 Temperance - Allay other arcana powers (Luca - NPC)
#15 The Devil - Ability to control people with weak emotions (Moreno - NPC)
#16 The Tower - Force others to only speak the truth
#17 The Star - Can perceive near-future events (ie exceptional reflexes) (Aerous Oxus - CarefulWetPaint)
#18 The Moon - Draw out people's memories (Annabelle Belizaire - Khawill)
#19 The Sun - Ability to draw out the goodness in someone (Tobi Lomborte - CourageHound)
#20 Judgement - Fortune telling (Camellia de Telarius - 雷影 イチロ)
#21 The World - Can seal other Arcana powers and bind people to their card (Nova - NPC)

House Sectors
Wands - Responsible for inspections and maintenance.
Coins - Responsible for managing Regalo's finances. (Apprentices - Annabelle Belizaire, Adam Randi)
Swords - Responsible for defence. (Leader - Marcus de Telarius; Adepts - Oda Baldotter, Aerous Oxus; Apprentices - Tobi Lomborte, Xoxaa Illiphia)
Alchemists - Responsible for medicine. (Apprentice - Beck de Telarius)
Caves - Responsible for supplies. (Adept - Flint de Telarius)
Intelligence - Responsible for diplomacy. (Head - Charisi "Ari" Terranci; Adept - Camellia de Telarius; Apprentice - Alexander Grant)


Arcana Card:
Secondary Effects:

Ability to control powers:
Section of the house & postion:
History on the island:

Accepted Players
  1. Xlugon Pyro as Xoxaa Illiphia - #2, The High Priestess
  2. Retro Bug as Charisi "Ari" Terranci - #3, The Empress
  3. Ash_Ketchum123 as Alexander Grant - #4, The Emperor
  4. Raikiri as Flint de Telarius - #7, The Chariot
  5. Supervegeta as Marcus de Telarius - #8, Strength
  6. Skymin as Beck de Telarius - #9, The Hermit
  7. machomuu as Adam Randi - #11, Justice
  8. Lilizuki as Oda Baldotter - #12, The Hanged Man
  9. CarefulWetPaint as Aerous Oxus -#17, The Star
  10. Khawill as Annabelle Belizaire - #18, The Moon
  11. CourageHound as Tobi Lomborte - #19, The Sun
  12. 雷影 イチロ as Camellia de Telarius - #20, Judgement

CCS by the wonderful kitten TwilightBlade <3
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