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    Awesome RP May I reserve a spot? It's kind of late here, but I can start my SU right away
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    Name: Alexander Grant (Alex)
    Age: 17
    Alex stands at a height of 5'11" and looks like he isn't really built for combat. His body was not muscular, nor did it show any sign of physical exercise. He has blue eyes and dark navy-blue hair that he rarely styles. He just messes it around and lets it fall where it wants to. His lips are pale and his nose is not too narrow yet not too flat. Even though he's half-Japanese, he's Caucasian side still stands out.

    He usually dons a dark blue vest with swirls of gold designs embroidered on the lower part under a white long sleeve polo. He carries around his sword in his sheath, which hangs by his side almost all the time. He wears a ring on his left ring finger. This ring is a family heirloom that has been passed through generations. It was gold and held a sapphire with the family emblem engraved on it, a silver silhouette of a dragon.

    His Arcana mark is located below his neck, on the upper right corner of his chest. It is simply in the form of a crown. Sometimes, Alex complains about how simple it is. He hides it so that it doesn't mess with his strategy in battles. If some guy, he thought, who doesn't know what Arcana card he was contracted with decides to challenge him to a fight, he could use it to his advantage and make him forget that he challenged him. But he hasn't really learned how to control that. Just a thought.

    Alexander is a proud young man. Having come from a rich family, he has always carried the Grant name with honor. Despite that, he still had the heart to help other people, he just doesn't want to admit it. Charity, in his words, is not his thing. He is rather competitive and would likely do anything to secure victory. He can be serious, but most of the time he chooses not to. He tends to pent up his emotions inside, but is able to handle them very well. Still being a teenager and all, he still has a lot to learn about controlling his emotion.

    Tactics. Alex believes that battles could be won even before they are fought, and he proves this with his great strategical skills. He is able to anticipate the moves of his opponent (though to a much lesser extent when compared to the wielder of The Star) by observing their personality, how they move and how they act towards another person. He's read many books on Psychology. He wants to be able to read one person by just a glance, like those great detectives.

    Arcana Card: #4: The Emperor
    Secondary Effects:
    The Emperor allows him to manipulate other people's memories, and he can use this ability for diplomacy. He can make enemies forget that they're enemies, though this takes a lot of concentration from him, and it never works on people that hate him with a passion. He can manipulate some people into thinking that they work for him. His voice resonates with power, and for weak-willed ordinary people, this is hard to resist. He also has above average endurance, enabling him to battle for hours and not get too tired.

    Ability to control powers:
    He doesn't have much control of his Arcana yet. He has just started training and is still getting the hang of things. Since he can't control his emotions that much yet, The Emperor usually manifests itself only by accident. His eyes glow and he gets a glimpse of a person's memories, kind of like ending up in an office filled with filing cabinets. He can't control which memory he hides yet. He just goes with the flow. Though sometimes, he can make people believe stuff that he says, though they are not necessarily true. But this happens very rarely.

    Section of the house & postion: Apprentice of Intelligence
    History on the island:
    The Grant family is famous around their town in Rome. They're treated like royalty around there, which was how Alexander developed his big head. His grandfather was the wielder of The Emperor contract. He has heard of tales of how his grandfather could remove memories and manipulate them using the power of his Arcana. These made him want to achieve these powers as well, so he asked for permission to go to the island of Regalo. Once he was allowed, he set off to locating his grandfather. It took him a while, but after a few hours of walking around the island, he saw a large mansion behind two tall gates. Coincidentally, his grandfather was just about to go outside of the gates. He ran to him and introduced himself, saying that he was a Grant, his grandson, and that he wanted to become like him. The old man greeted him with teary eyes and a warm smile. He hugged him and agreed to train him.

    He was 15 by that time, still too young to join the Famiglia, therefore his grandfather trained him in the arts of swordsmanship. After a rigorous practice with the sword, his next exercise was to meditate. He hated this a lot as he was an impatient boy. But his grandfather assured him that that is important if he wished to gain the abilities that his grandfather possessed. This went on for another year. Alex has gotten better with the sword, learning different techniques and being able to combine moves himself. He has also improved his patience, being able to meditate without complaint. This was also the year that his grandfather started showing signs of a grave illness, though he always denied it. Before the year ended, his grandfather's illness got worse, paralyzing him and leaving him bedridden. During these days, Alex trained himself to take his mind off of his dying grandfather.

    During his 17th birthday, no celebrations were held. He stayed beside his grandfather the whole day, praying for him to recover. Suddenly, his grandfather held Alex's hand softly and bade him to come closer. He told him that he knew that this day would come. He knew that he was going to die soon. He has known for 3 years. He told him of how happy he was when Alex arrived and told him that he wanted to be like him. He told him that he wanted Alex to become the next holder of his Arcana, The Emperor. After saying those words, his heart stopped beating, and he finally passed away. Alex was supposed to bawl his eyes out by crying. He was supposed to stay by his grandfather's side and tell him to wake up. Instead, he went to Nova and talked to him about getting a contract with The Emperor, with which the 'Papa' agreed to, since he was able to witness the development of Alex. After getting the contract, Alex never spoke of his grandfather again. He always wondered if he could use the Arcana to erase his own memory, but he never dared to try.

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