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Well heres most of the sign up done, I just need to find a picture of him and it'll be done!
Tis' Finished.
It is fixed!


Name: Aerous Oxus
Age: 25
Appearance: His arcana mark is that of a star that goes from his collar bone to his shoulder blade on his left side. It appears in such a way to make it look 3D, which gives it the effect of making it look like it moves as it is looked upon from different directions. Even slight changes of the angle in which it is being looked at will make it appear to move.

Just imagine the shirt being buttoned up.

Aerous has blue eyes and black hair, which has a slight tint of blue due to the darkness and how light reflects off it. He stands at 6 foot and has a wirey muscle build. He is usually seen wearing a black suit jacket over his shoulders (he rarely wears it properly), a blue waist coat and a white dress shirt. All the shirts are tailored to fit his body perfectly as to not effect his movements while fighting. He also wears a black tie loosely around his neck, in an attempt to look "Professional." (He was told by another family member that wearing these clothes and a tie made him look like a professional.)
He wears black suit pants which are tailored to not effect his leg movements in anyway and white dress shoes that have black laces.

Aerous is an air head. He doesn't always understand how things work or how he should act properly so ends up being slightly gullible and believes almost anything if it isn't to outrageous or doing things that embarrass the people around him and himself in a public setting, sometimes even embarrassing people if it's only him and them.
Aerous knows that he is a bit of an airhead so prefer to fight then talk things through because he can understand people much easier through fighting than talking, and as he thinks “People can't lie to me with their body language in a fight.”
Being academically challenged he is also a very straight forward person who prefers not to have to think things through in order to do them, which is a main reason he isn't a higher ranking member of the family.
He thinks of himself as a neutral person with any acts he commits neither being good nor bad which means he can perform almost anything he is ordered without having second thoughts or regrets about it. This also means he puts great trust in his superiors to tell him the right things to do. This allows him to control his emotions rather well.
Aerous is also slightly sadistic when fighting people when he's allowed to go all out or doesn't have many restrictions.

Arcana Card: #17 The Star
Secondary Effects: The star allows Aerous to learn physical moves (such as martial arts) exceptionally fast as well as analyse people’s fighting styles within a few seconds. This effect only allows him to learn physical moves and thus can’t be used for learning things such as literature or history. Though sometimes he can see what someone is about to say and can answer them or respond before they even say it, this sometimes leads people to think he can read their minds when he cant.

Ability to control powers: Aerous has a fairly strong understanding and control over his powers as he has been using them since he was 17. Though his understanding and control is fairly good he doesn’t have much control over it unless it’s for physical use and sometimes ends up using it to see what people are going to say on accident. When he is in complete control of his powers he can instantly learn any physical move he comes in contact with or see anything that a person will physically do or say within a 30 second to a minute time span when he usually only can see what a person is going to do a few seconds into the future.

Section of the house & postion: Sword branch, high ranking member.
Aerous grew up on the island of Regalo. His parents owned their own business, a small butchery that Aerous would sometimes help at by cleaning up at night. During his school years all he was a low achiever as he couldn’t understand or grasp that well the written classes but excelled in the physical aspects of school such as the sports carnivals.

At the age of 13 Aerous began training in martial arts and sword fighting under his Uncle, who was a member of the Sword division of the Arcana Famiglia. After two years of training he had mastered both his uncles personal style of sword fighting and kung fu. At the age of 15 his parents allowed him to drop out of school to train with his uncle to become a member of the family.

The next two years continued to see his almost complete failure in the mandatory written test’s and works to join the training but his physical results were outstanding. After being brought into the family by his uncle he was taught the usage of a variety of firearms and developed his own style of martial arts using a handgun and kung fu, which he named “Gun-Fu”. He was also taught other styles of martial arts which he mastered within the 2 years since he didn’t have to go to school anymore as well as how to effectively fight against blades, short or long, by just using a knife.

At the age of 17 he was awarded his card "The Star" from it's previous owner who was at the time head of the Sword branch of the family. Aerous received the card after beating the former owner in a one on one duel that Nova had been a witness to. After the fight concluded Nova agreed with the former owner of "The Star" that Aerous would inherit it, which was effectively the last responsibility the owner as a member of the Sword branch and owner of "The Star" had; to find a suitable heir to "The Star". The decision to bestow Aerous with the card was proven to be a great decision from the previous owner as after a year of learning how to control his emotions and use his powers somewhat effectively was made a high ranking member in the Sword branch of the family. Since then he has been learning how to better control his powers while fulfilling his duties as a member of the family.

Excelling in the physical work of the family he is seen as an almost prodigy, though he lack of smarts in other fields leads other family members to play tricks on him and take advantage of his gullible side which results in some funny situations such as Aerous thinking it was appropriate to kiss every female he meet on the cheeks before saying a word to them.
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