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Name: Marcus de Telarius (first son, first sibling)
Age: 29
Appearance: Of the de Telarius siblings, Marcus stands head and shoulders above them, literally. At 6'4", he is a good head taller than his younger brother Beck, and even more so than Camellia, though his other brother Flint is closer in height. He is athletically built and in top physical shape, not quite like his siblings. However, he shares Beck's golden brown hair, though Marcus's is more neatly kept and tidy, much unlike Becks. It is short, military cropped, and easily maintained. Much like his personality, it is rigid and orderly. He has golden brown eyes, however are somewhat dull-looking and less refined than his siblings. Marcus has somewhat tanned skin because of a lot of time he spends on outdoor activities related to his job. Marcus customarily wears traditional and expensive looking black dress pants with dress shoes, with a dress coat over a white colored formal shirt. He wears a blank red tie, though occasionally might change the color to brown or black. A traditionalist, Marcus rarely puts on anything that would set him apart from the established norm, believing such acts of display are a distraction and bring about unwanted attention.

The only atypical part of Marcus's appears is the pair of golden gauntlets he sports on his hands, something he uses for combat. His Arcana mark is located on his back, looking like this.

Personality: Marcus is not often considered a difficult man to comprehend. He can appear serious and quiet to many of his peers, especially in regards to his duties and obligations. He is very loyal, faithful, and dependable, placing great importance on honesty and integrity, especially in regards to his duties. He is considered by many as one who can be depended on to do the right thing for his 'family' and government. He tends to believe in laws and traditions, and expects the same from others. He is never really comfortable morally with breaking laws or going against the rules. If he is able to see a good reason for stepping outside of the established mode of doing things, he may support that effort. However, Marcus more often tends to believe that things should be done according to procedures and plans, often emphasizing 'structure' and by-the-book approaches.

Marcus will often work for long periods of time and put tremendous amounts of energy into doing any task which he sees as important to fulfilling a goal. He wouldn't claim himself that he is a perfectionist, claiming to only be doing the best he can as would be expected of him, but many others would give him that title. He has an excellent ability to take any task and define it, organize it, plan it, and implement it through to completion. He is a very hard worker, who does not allow obstacles to get in the way of performing his duties. He does not usually give himself enough credit for his achievements, seeing his accomplishments simply as the natural fulfillment of his obligations. Conversely he looks down upon people that don't often do what is expected of them, especially when they have the potential to do so. This often comes up with his younger brother Beck, who Marcus often scolds for his lack of punctuality and fulfillment of his public duties and obligations. He also scolds his younger sister Camellia, due to her carefree nature, her lack of responsibility and emotionally driven prowess, and Flint for his outright disrespect and socially unacceptable behavior. He does this because he believes his family and them are model citizens that have to be a representation of what the society should act like, setting a good example, and therefore things such as tardiness, laziness, and other inappropriate behavior shouldn't be tolerated.

Despite his social standing, Marcus has certain specific relationships with each of his siblings, and for each one he scolds them for something. He views his younger sister Camellia as too carefree and high spirited. He believes her tendency to 'let things work out on their own' is ultimately destructive behavior that will get her in a lot of trouble if she doesn't consider the future. Marcus thinks she should buckle down, especially in public, to act in a more appropriate way related to her standing. He believes she comes off as too blunt very often, what he regards as inappropriate in the context of social life. He also believes she is too irresponsible. Marcus has constantly tried to instill values of responsibility into her, but often to no avail. He feels the same way for his brother Beck, who he regards as somewhat socially inept. As a somewhat opposite of Camellia, whom Marcus believes says too much in public, he believes Beck doesn't say enough, often getting too into his books and doesn't often socialize as much because of it. Marcus scolds him on the importance of being socially respectful, but most often his scolding turns to the direction of his lack of punctuality to important events. However, it is too his last brother, Flint, that Marcus often spends the most time troubling. Putting aside his lack of appropriate attire in the public's eye, Flint is the most troublesome of his siblings, showing a complete lack of social refinement, an extremely selfish persona, and downright reckless behavior. Marcus often considers him not only the embarrassment of the family, but also a problem child. By scolding his siblings, he had hoped to instill them with the same values he was brought up with, and to better prepare themselves for society's challenges, as he believes they would undoubtedly enter into high-level professions. Though he maintains a much more colder relationship with them than when they were younger, before their mother's death, Marcus still maintains a very close relationship with his family, primarily because Marcus had a direct hand in raising them as their father was often away. His strictness, often mistaken to others as cold-heartedness, is his way of trying to make his siblings turn out the best way they can be.

In terms of his social life, Marcus is adept in socializing, often acting courteous and respectful to others. He generally gets along well with others and is quite polite, and because of this many could claim he has quite a bit of friends, although in truth Marcus has few, if any he would call true friends, mostly because he doesn't often socialize with other beyond his work, believing it inappropriate and an interference. For this reason Marcus's preference is to work alone, but he does work well in teams when the situation demands it. He likes to be accountable for his actions, and enjoys being in a position of authority where he could account for others' actions as well. Marcus is often uncomfortable expressing affection and emotion to others, especially in public. He generally keeps his personal opinions to himself or contained to his private life. However, his strong sense of duty and the ability to see what needs to be done in any situation occasionally allows him to overcome his natural reservations, and he is sometimes quite a supporting and caring individual with the people that he loves.

In summation, he is a capable, logical, reasonable, and effective individual with a deeply driven desire to promote security and peaceful living. He keeps personal matters out of his duties and obligations, and fulfills such obligations to the best of his abilities.


Arcana Card: #8 Strength
Secondary Effects: No secondary effects, though Marcus is gifted with top athletic and physical capabilities including speed, reflexes, and particularly stamina and endurance.

Ability to control powers: As a seasoned wielder of his Arcana Card, Marcus maintains a steady control over his powers. His distinct separation of personal and private matters helps keep his emotions in check, and allows for a easier use of his powers. Though he is not perfect, he generally uses his powers more easily than others.

Section of the house & postion: Leader of Sword

History on the island: Marcus was born to an upper-class family of high standing in society. Even from an early age, much was expected of Marcus from his parents, and Marcus understood and embraced his position, knowing the importance that was placed upon him. His father believed that because of their particularly high standing in society, it was expected of them to contribute and become model examples of what many should strive for. He was an unusual child in the fact that to many others in society, he appeared to be the perfect son, never wanting or whining about what he wants or what he can't have, and always acting with the utmost respect to his parents and others. Whether that was how he always was, or if those values were instilled upon him by demands primarily of his father, none ever knew. All others knew was that that was the way the boy was brought up, and that was the way he always was. As his siblings Camellia, Flint and then Beck were born, he took the role of the elder brother, and tried to fulfill it to the best of his ability. He was generally a loving brother that cared for his siblings. Often getting along with them and his mother, even as his father wasn't often around due to his importance in society.

However, that changed in an event in which Marcus's mother died in a tragic drowning accident. The effect of her passing was hurtful to Marcus, but perhaps not quite as much as Beck, Flint and Camellia. Nonetheless, he was slightly altered by the experience, often acting less caring and loving to his siblings, even in the confines of home. This was mainly due to the after affects of the incident more than the incident himself. After his mother died, his father never ceased to be away from home, so Marcus, at about fourteen years of age, took up most of the responsibility of raising his siblings. The demands of his father had not lessened the slightest, he still expecting to have his children be raised to become exceptional in whatever field they would choose to enter. He found this to be somewhat of a transition to adulthood, abandoning any past shows of affection for the purpose of continuing the role of the guardian for his siblings, while also ensuring both they and he continued to perform at a high level in studies and other undertakings. This often got them to butt heads as Marcus took the role of enforcer, especially with his siblings' starkly different personalities than his own, much to his own dismay.

On his 18th birthday, Marcus's father, with all his connections, was able to acquire for him as a present the Strength card. He was also able to arrange for La Famiglia to accept him into their government. Marcus was introduced as his prodigy son who would go far in defending the values and ideals of La Famiglia. He was therefore invited to join. Marcus accepted the invitation to join, under the exception that he would be allowed to bring his family onto the island of Regalo. From there, Marcus join the ranks of Sword as an apprentice, quickly applying his teachings of responsibility and duty from his family life to his personal life. Marcus strived to be a model protector and guardian, enforcing the rules and protecting La Famiglia. He was praised for his capabilities and quick judgement, as well as his integrity and loyalty.

As Marcus's reputation in La Famiglia grew, Nova sent for him to ask about his sister Camellia and the prospect of her joining La Famiglia. Marcus, who thought this as an opportunity to shape Camellia into a more socially responsible individual with a sense of duty and integrity, offered praise to his sister's abilities and prowess, saying that she has potential to be something special in La Famiglia. With the convincing of Marcus, Camellia was invited into La Famiglia. Marcus continued to rise in stature and rank, while also looking out for his sister within La Famiglia. Later that year, Marcus was appalled to hear that Flint had left home to travel overseas, leaving no note or hint of his whereabouts. It would be quite some time before he would return to Regalo. Though Marcus wouldn't have admitted it to anyone, he did worry for his brother.

After years in the organization, Marcus was an exceptionally high-ranking member of Sword, as well as a highly respected individual in general. Marcus elected to us his influential position to help acquire his younger brother Beck a position as well, believing he could also learn from these gifted individuals and become a more dutiful person. Marcus influenced their decisions to let Beck in by showing his skills and exceptionally intelligent mind, and thus they allowed him to join as well. Marcus continued to perform his duties in La Famiglia while looking out for Beck and Camellia.

It has since been a while since Marcus joined La Famiglia, and at the age of 26 he was promoted to the Head of Sword, in charge of the defense of Regalo and the interests of La Famiglia. This positions he has maintained to this day. Flint, who ran off a while back, returned after a few months after this event, and subsequently found a way to join La Famiglia as well. Marcus believed this to be best, using his new position of power and influence to not only look out for the region and the government, but his siblings as well. He could also be sure to keep them in line should the necessity arise.

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