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    Originally Posted by AlexOzzyCake View Post
    @Ash_Ketchum123 - Accepted! I love Alex's unique fighting style of tactics over brawn and the simple crown arcana mark was a nice touch; I can see him being a perfect candidate for the Intelligence sector's leader once he learns to control his powers. The only slight issue was the lack of story after he obtained his arcana card, but the way it's written makes it seem like he's only had the card for a very short while anyway so I'll let it slide - can't wait to see him in action
    Yay! Thanks And about the history, sorry about that ._. Yeah, he's only gotten hold of the contract for a few months, and it's only manifested itself through accidents. He has never really achieved full control of The Emperor's primary effects yet, though he can feel a small degree of the secondary effects.

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