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Personality needs to be fleshed out a bit more (to my fairly high standards XD) but otherwise just finishing up the History on the Island and I'm all done.


Name: Camellia de Telarius (First Daughter, Second Sibling)
Gender: Female
Age: 26
Height: 5’8’’
Weight: 62kg
Appearance: Of the de Telarius siblings, Camellia is the second oldest and to this date, the only female. In contrast to her taller brothers, Camellia's hair takes on a lighter strawberry-blonde hue; unlike their dull and muddied brown shaded hair. Mostly pulled back in a single ponytail near the tip of her spine, it has also been seen to fall gently down the sides of her face; her hair brushing the bottom most tips of her shoulder blades in length. Her fringe lightly touches her thin eyebrows, curving to the right, while strands of hair border the fringe on either sides (link). Her eyes are the same mystical golden brown as is her siblings, yet are lighter around the edges. Aside from their familial eye colours, Camellia shares little else physically with her siblings; taking after their mother more while the other two took after their father. More angular in her jaw with slightly higher cheek bones and wider set eyes, she could easily be mistaken for not being a part of their family. Even her lightly tanned skin shades between her darker, older brother Marcus and her paler, younger brother Beck. Her slim, 'banana' shaped figure emphasises her dexterity and reflexiveness, while showing her rather lack of strength.

When it comes to formal dress-wear, Camellia prefers the fluidity and ease of movement that comes with knee length skirts. A black, single buttoned blouse covers a white dress shirt; the collar sitting somewhat flat over her shoulder blades. The blouse's sleeves end halfway between her elbow and shoulder; leaving much of her lightly-tanned and rather gorgeous figure for the eye to see (link).

A small, silver dagger rests on the inside of her blouse below her left arm for quick access when needed. While avoidance of combat is her main approach to conflict, the silver dagger was gifted to her on her eighteenth birthday by her older brother Marcus as a sign of self-protection whether the end result is self-inflicted or matters turn for the worse. One of the only promises of his she keeps is to hold the dagger close to her person. On the base of the blade is s small, engraved flower; a Camellia.

Camellia's Arcana Mark is a three tiered, three petaled Camellia flower with a small opal-esque centre. Each petal has a white outline between each petal, with three petals to each tier with the top three tiered petals fully shown while the other two tiers are behind the others. Her Mark appeared on her left shoulder blade once the contract was made between her and the Judgement Card.

Free spirited would be the best way to aptly describe Camellia. Her avoidance of responsibility and lack of forward thinking stops her from making it far in the family. Her contract with the Judgement card has made these habits worse; being able to see the future taking away the need to think forward when she can see it instead. This light-heartedness side of her personality allows her to remain clean of trouble and worry, knowing that in the end, it will all work out the way it was meant to.

Interaction with people is somewhat complicated. While being carefree and light-hearted, she often comes across as being blunt; telling people what she truly thinks and feels rather than euphemising or lying. Sometimes she even comes across as flirty, whether it is with males or females, her willingness to speak her mind, and often thoughts going through her head, can make her appear quite flirty. However, this lack of euphemisms and lies does not exclude her from euphemising nor lying. In fact, he quite often enjoys finding other ways to express her Fortune Telling; as a way to both keep other people on their toes, and to provide a source of entertainment for herself.

When it comes to conflict, Camellia prefer avoidance to confrontation. Self-preservation isn’t her entire motivation to avoid conflict, but rather knowing an idea of the outcome and the lack of her own strength. If unavoidable, Camellia will do all that she can to take a diplomatic approach or manoeuvre out of harm’s way until she can escape or bring the fight to someone else.

Camellia is not one to follow rules, nor one to break them. Rather she looks for loopholes to exploit or reasons that could give her more freedom to move around and exist. Bound by rules, she loses focus quickly and will often become unmotivated and restless. Because of this, she finds it hard to keep down a job long enough to get anywhere but also sees it as a positive; allowing her to move about and explore more.

In regards to Marcus, she is often found getting on his nerves and constantly scolded due to her carefree nature; irresponsibility and emotionally driven prowess. Her ability to focus on the bigger picture rather than the small minute details drives Marcus round the bend as she sees everything coming into fruition rather than the paths it took to get there. For these reasons, there is often a wedge driven between the two older siblings as their polarity in natures both brings them together and also pushes them apart.

In regards to Flint, while they share their joint want and need for freedom, she is somewhat repelled by his negative stance and blatant disregard for social constructs and unkempt. While she admires Marcus and dotes on Beck, her relationship with Flint is less strong than that of her other brothers' (even her rather strained at times relationship with Marcus) mainly due to her ability to have some sway over Beck, but very little over Flint. She admires his willingness to go out further in the world, hoping someday she had the courage doing so, compared to her reluctance to go outside of the same country, much less same region than her family. However, she is always interested in regaling of events that have taken place in Flint's life in the outside world. More often than not, she will team up with Flint to pull pranks on other people; although not to nearly the same degree as he would.

In regards to Beck, Camellia appreciates his lack of need for social fraternising, but likes to drag him out into the sun once in a while to meet her female friends and get some fresh air. While somewhat frustrating him, his avoidance of conflict means that he would go along with her plans within the first couple of tries (read: pestering). She dotes on him as any older sister would do to her most youngest brother, almost to the point of 'mothering' him. If anything, she has more to do with Beck than say either of the two older brothers of his.


Arcana Card: #20 - Judgement (Fortune Telling)
Secondary Effects: None as of yet.
Ability to control Powers: Somewhere in the middle of having possessed the card for a while yet still quite new to it, Camellia's control over her powers is somewhat sporadic. Obscure, enigmatic and abstract as her Fortune Telling can be, she has had moments of clarity where she can explain the Fortune Telling in greater detail and with less obscurity; however this is mostly concurrent with events that are to unfold closer to her current stance in time; although not always. While other's fortunes are easy for her to tell, seeing her own future is often shrouded from her foresight. Her light-heartedness often leads her to euphemising and talking in riddles when it comes to Fortune Telling; as a way to keep people on their feet and also a source of entertainment for herself.
Section of the House/Position:Adept of Intelligence
History on the Island:
Camellia moved from the coast of Napoli to the Island of Regalo amidst her angst ridden teenage years when her older brother, Marcus, was invited to the island after contracting the Strength Arcana Card. Happy to be going to a new place, she readily accepted the move to Regalia and enjoyed the more expansive terrain around the Island to roam rather than the street vendor cluttered streets of Naples. With their father off on business trips, their mother having passed away four years prior, taking care of the family fell to Marcus' shoulders, allowing Camellia to delve more into her freedom, whilst also lacking the motherly figure to provide support through her transition from innocence to womanhood. For this she relied heavily on her maids and peer support until she eventually passed the angsty years.

Five years later, she recieved her Arcana card despite her flowering into a carefree, light-hearted woman. For the past two years she spent continuous time between Regalia and mainland Italia, never being away from the family home on Regalia or more than a week at a time. Her aversion to responsibility and enjoyment of the freedom of life brought her to the attention of Nova and she soon found herself standing before the head of the Arcana Family, flanked by all his entourage while she only had her older brother for moral support. After impressing Nova with her personality, mindset and personal philosophy, she was awarded a contract with the Judgement Card. Within moments a searing pain tore through her shoulder, forcing her to the ground as her Arcana Mark burned into her shoulder blade: a triple tiered, triple leafed Camellia flower tattoo. From then on she would have hazy premonitions at uneven intervals and at any time of waking or sleeping.

For the next six years, she spent time by herself experimenting and trying to make sense of the premonitions until she came to one conclusion; while the clarity of the visions varied, her ability to describe them faltered her. Most of the fortunes she foretold she could only express through vague, obscure, abstract and enigmatic verses of phrase. The simpler and clearer her visions were, the simpler and clearer she was able to express them through words while on the other end of the scale, the more obscure and difficult the visions, the harder they were to put into words; much less comprehensible words would come from describing the vision than visions of lesser importance.

Now Camellia has come to accept her visions, interpreting them as best she can. With Flint returned from his overseas adventures and all of her brothers within the Family, she enjoys the company of her siblings and her freedom on the island. She does as much work for the Intelligence division as she feels obliged to do, whilst trying to find Beck a girlfriend.
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