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    Originally Posted by Cid View Post
    Judging from how I perceive Lucario's usual motifs, it would make sense for Lucario to not actually be a Steel-type. I mean apart from a few steel spikes, I really don't see how it connects with him. Now, I don't know about making him part-Dark instead, but I suppose it would make sense somewhat, if Lucario were intended to be like Anubis or Set from Egyptian mythology. The anime and some other promotional material (as well as the spin-off games and Riley from DPPt, too) kind of stray away from that notion though, and I'm thinking it has to do with the Dark-type being known as the "Evil-type" in Japanese. After all, Lucario's depicted as a valiant stalwart most of the time, so that doesn't really fit with the typing that hints at evil (maybe not as heavy as like pure evil since it's a franchise for kids, but leaning towards mischief and misdeeds).

    I think being part Steel benefits him in battle, though. It removes the Psychic and Flying-type weaknesses, for one. He also gains a lot of resistances, so it's really a good typing combination, imo. Plus the spikes look pretty cool on his design. However, concept-wise I think Psychic-type fits him more than the Dark-type because of all the aura stuff, but since we already have Gallade and Medicham for that, I guess it wouldn't be too original.
    Yea I can see where your coming from. Fighting/Psychic does make more sense than anything. However I dont think all dark types fit the mischeivous and wicked archtype. Like say Tyranitar, becoming dark type. Of which Tyranitar is very competitive and sometimes aggresive, but that is a common trait among many pokemon. Although Psychic or steel would either suit him better or seem more practical, I think Dark type would also be a bit cool givin his coloration and origin.