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Adam Randi - Justice Arcana

Footsteps were heard not far off. There appear to have been quite a bit of them, actually. It was the middle of the night, so it was a little odd to hear someone so many people out and about at night. Adam didn't really care, though. He knew that if there were some sort of crime going on, Sword would handle it, and if it wasn't a crime than it was even less of his concern. Besides, what could he do? He was one person -of Coin, no less- against several people; they'd probably have taken him down in no time flat...or at least, that's the excuse he gave himself to justify not doing anything about it. Around this time, Adam was sleeping on the roof of a nearby bread shop (which was one story high, so it wasn't all that difficult to climb). He was far too tired to go home, so he slept there. It was actually a nice rest up until the hooligans interrupted his sleep. It didn't take long after they left for him to return to rest

"Adam! Adam where are you!?" Someone seemed to be yelling off in the distance. It was too quiet for Adam to hear. "Adam Randi, where are you!?"

Hay dios mio...can't a guy ever get some sleep around here? Adam thought to himself. He opened his eyes only to be blinded by the sun. He'd forgotten that he was on the roof, expecting to see the ceiling of his room. He quickly shut his eyes and looked away from the sun, covering his eyes with his hand. He stood up and quickly lost his balance. A roof makes for a great sleeping place, slanted as they often are, but walking on one while still disoriented and mostly unable to see is a chore. Actually, as Adam quickly learned, it's almost impossible. His legs started moving him off of the roof. He tried to stop himself, but when he did, he started to slide. It seemed futile.

Adam yelled as he plunged toward the hard ground below. Strangely, he heard another scream, a feminine one that he'd definitely heard before. Even stranger, the ground was a lot softer than he thought it'd be, he was sure that he would have at least broken something, but it barely hurt. He looked beneath him and saw that he had fallen on top of someone. He couldn't really tell who they were, but he quickly stood up and backed away. As his vision started to become clear and vivid again, he looked to see that the person was none other than Mina Cortez. Mina was an eighteen year old girl who used to be good friends with his little sister before she moved. She was also the daughter of Ingrid Cortez, the owner of an embroidery shop not far off. She's well acquainted with Adam due to him making his rounds at various stores and businesses to collect money for La Famiglia.

Mina picked herself up from the ground slowly, grabbing her aching back as she did. Still, she had quite a bit of energy and was pretty pissed off. "Wh-what the heck were you doing on a roof? Are you stupid?"

"I won't dignify that last statement with an answer. Though, I really gotta thank you Minata, you did just save my life, after all." He said with a smile.

"Did you just call me Minata? What does that even mean?" She said, wiping the dirt off of her dress and looking at Adam with a dumbfounded expression.

"Oh, that was the sound you made when I landed on you. 'Ta!~' It was pretty cute, actually; made my heart flutter."

"Oh, shut up." She said back, slightly pissed off but chuckling a little. "O-OH! This is important!" Mina hit her fist into her hand as if she just had an "Aha!" moment. "You were called by the Famiglia, they want you to read this message." She reached into a pocket that was a part of her dress and pulled out a letter she wrote, now wrinkled due to the boy that fell on her from a rooftop. She looked at it and read what it said aloud. "Ahem!" She started. "Adam Randi, last night the bank was targeted by several individuals and quite a bit of money was taken. It is of the utmost importance that it is retrieved. Seeing that you're a member of Coin, and of the Justice Arcana no less, this is undoubtedly an important task for you to take care of. Find one of these individuals and stop them. They seem to be trying to escapee the island, so you should probably head to the docks, first." She looked up at Adam and said, "Well, that was in my own words, the real message was too long to write down completely..."

Adam let out a large groan and said, "...I guess that's what it was that I heard last night..." Mina slightly tilted her head in confusion, but Adam disregarded it and went on. "Well, thanks Mina. I'll be heading out to find whoever these guys are."

"Um...don't you only have a knife?" Mina asked with her hand on her hip.

"A dagger, actually. And yes, that's all I have, but I probably won't be using it." He then started towards the harbor, waving to Mina.

"Wait you idiot! You can't be serious!" Mina yelled to Adam, but he ignored her, continuing down the path towards the harbor without giving her a second glance.
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