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Originally Posted by CarefulWetPaint View Post
Pretty boy whose mentally unstable! Thats a bit harsh he's just stupid not mentally immature.. oh wait that could be seen as the same thing couldnt it? :O But I understand how to approach it now.
I think it comes from on of two schools of literary and media thought: The Eastern school and the Western school. Specifically, in the Eastern school often portrays the dumb character as childish, and usually high spirited as well. If they have black hair then more likely than not, they are more somber and quiet, and their stupidity is mostly unspoken and is more surprising than it is with characters with the brighter hair colors, but regardless, they are usually the object of ridicule among their peers.

In the West, it seems to be more that they are brutish and lustful, though still dumb and harboring childish qualities. This is especially apparent in American media in the 70s and 80s. Other times, their stupidity isn't so much childish, but they often get taken advantage of or make mistakes that prove fatal for themselves.

...Though that may just be me overthinking things :P

Regarding my RP post, I've have it up shortly after noon (EST) tomorrow.
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