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I almost got away with my sleep, "Oh look, the tramp." I said still laying in bed, I figured an insult for an insult would easily put us on even ground, "Just so you know, I would go back home until the ball, but they have some swords trying to get me in again." I sat up and yawned, "I guess that attention isn't much different than yours though. Anyways you have no control over me whatsoever, considering our diffence in branches." I had no intention of fighting with a nightgown on, though I could feel the anger she had even when she came in. Since there was no way I'd get back to sleep, I might as well go down to the kitchens. I walked toward the window, "I always like some fresh air, you know how stuffy it can get with all your hot air filling up the room." My arms still hurt, though I wasn't going to try for the doorway and the rope I had there when escaping from Steven still hung out the window. "As a matter of fact, I think a nice snack before the ball would do nicely." I slid down the rope, wincing as the vibrations shook up my cut.

"Bye Mrs. Ari! See you at the ball!"
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