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    So I got angry at my SoulSilver run after my game froze after training without saving for about an hour. So, I did the entire Emerald run!

    Pokemon Red Monocolor Challenge Emerald First and Final Update

    Name: Red
    Starter: Kickpunchr the Torchic

    -Blahblahblah Kickpunchr evolved, Roxanne was easy.
    -Delivered the Letter in Dewford, then went straight to the route north of Slateport to catch the second member of the team, Loras the Oddish
    -Backtracked to grab the Exp Share, then went back and took out Brawly easily with Kickpunchr’s Peck
    -Loras evolved into Gloom on the same route we caught him on
    -Wattson wasn’t that bad, I had a few levels on him.
    -Got to Meteor Falls and caught the third team member, Dagr the Solrock
    -Got Dagr up to the same level-ish as the rest of the team and he went on to completely tank the Flannery fight
    -Norman actually came down to the wire, with Slaking taking out Kickpunchr as soon as he came out with a Façade crit.
    -Got Surf, got the Good Rod, got the last member of the team, Claudia the Corphish
    -Route 119 was the route of evolutions: Claudia evolved into Crawdaunt on a random trainer battle, Kickpunchr evolved into Blaziken in the Weater Institute, and we found a Leaf Stone which we used to evolved Loras into Vileplume
    -Dagr single-handedly destroyed Winona
    -Dealt with the bad guy stuff, then Dagr took control of the Tate and Liza fight, with everyone else being at his side at some point
    -It took a couple of tries from Loras and Claudia to take out Juan, mainly because Kingdra is more trouble than it’s worth. Got lucky with an Ice Beam freeze hax.
    -Got through Victory Road, grinded everyone to Lv. 50
    -Tried the E4, realized I was missing something, went to the Power Plant thing, and used my Master Ball to catch YoungNeil2 the Voltorb!
    -Trained up YoungNeil2 on trainer rematches and in Victory Road, during which, of course, he evolved into Electrode
    -Then to the E4!

    -Kickpunchr ruined most of Sidney’s day with +1 Double Kicks, with Claudia stepping in to finish the job
    -Claudia walled Phoebe for the most part
    -Kickpunchr, Claudia, and YoungNeil2 took out Glacia with little issue
    Claudia was the star in the Drake fight
    -The Wallace fight was an absolute disaster, mostly because his Milotic is a goshdarned so-and-so. I literally had to item spam until is got down to STRUGGLE. Ugh. The fight got done though



    Kickpunchr the Blaziken ♂, Lv.53
    Ability: Blaze
    -Double Kick
    -Bulk Up
    -Aerial Ace
    -Blaze Kick

    Loras the Vileplume ♂, Lv.52
    Ability: Chlorophyll
    -Giga Drain
    -Sleep Powder
    -Sludge Bomb
    -Petal Dance

    Dagr the Solrock, Lv.52
    Ability: Levitate
    -Cosmic Powder
    -Shadow Ball
    -Rock Slide

    Claudia the Crawdaunt ♀, Lv.55
    Ability: Shell Armor
    -Brick Break
    -Swords Dance
    -Ice Beam

    YoungNeil2 the Electrode, Lv.50
    Ability: Soundproof
    -Light Screen
    -Secret Power
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