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    Real Name

    Angel Viola

    Real Age




    Real Gender



    Angel is meek, his temperament more suited to following orders rather than giving them. He works very hard, unconsciously understanding that he is unlikely to get any praise for his efforts. He just doesn't know how to not do work. He takes great joy in small pleasures like a little money or a plastic top. Large toys and gifts, basically anything that could be a big deal, is rather frightening to him. It's like promises. They are the scariest thing in the world. Angel has never been to a big fancy party and sometimes hides from crowds. It is simply too many noises for him to process at one time. Even working in the diner, he has to put his full concentration in it or no good food will flow from the kitchen.

    He smiles rather easily, this young lad, so much so that he doesn't realize he's doing it a lot of the time. He spends most of his time content and happy for reasons people can only guess. Even though he can't see people's smiles, Angel can certainly appreciate the happiness that radiates from a person after a well-cooked meal or good event. In truth he's easy to emotion itself, except for anger, which mostly portrays itself as frustration and childish fury. These fits can sometimes last for hours, hence why people are more prone to making him smile. That sort of thing would actually seem like they are spoiling him, but in truth it is because they want to use him.

    Angel is a pushover. He has never properly stood up to somebody in his life. The most he has honestly done in the name of defiance is change the fruit fillings in a pie. He is actually too simple-minded to do so properly. Complicated issues like deep friendships, mathematics, or peer pressure have never been his strong suit, so he naively takes a lot of things as they appear. When he is told that is a dangerous idea, in return he thinks slowly on that subject. He is never a fast thinker and a very quiet speaker. His words are typically small answers that leave much to be desired yet he probably doesn't know how to say what's missing. Like with this game. He's never even played a video game before, nor has he ever been able to see before. Believe you me, he's quite confused. And frightened. He wishes he could go back to what he knows, which is cooking, Braille, and his best friend Benjy. Oh and his Shetland pony Apple. At least they make sense.

    Also, he is very afraid of dogs. They are too noisy and clingy and mess up his concentration. He will likely become as frozen as a Buneary around any dog Pokemon, even if they are friendly.


    Angel has lived a remarkably unremarkable life until recently. He was born in a suburban area of Chicago, a place that was well-to-do enough that some people raised chickens in their backyards. Yes Chickens. I'll have you know it's perfectly legal to raise at least two. His mother was (well technically is) a businesswoman, sharp and quick to get things done. She is typically known in two modes: motherly and commanding officer. Papa typically bows to this mode many a time. He himself is a cook at a small but popular diner, being a rather laidback, easily satisfied sort of fellow. Angel was born to these parents almost completely normally. Well, of course, he was also born blind but that is something else, something that actually made the couple rather nervous about having any future children. They were not particularly poor but nor were they rich. There was going to be quite a bit to pay for. So they decided silently to avoid the possibility but not complain if it came up.

    If this ever bothered the young lad, Angel never made a whisper of complaint. Instead he took to trying to chase the cat. Cats are very quiet but that was exactly why as a young toddler, he tried to chase after it. It made no noise like his toys so therefore it must be very, very interesting. The cat led him all sorts of places, including into the backyard of someone with chickens. This person was Benjamin Stone, soon to be known as Benjy. Young seven-year-old Benjy's greeting was the worst start to a friendship.

    "Can't ya see the sign," the little boy growled grumpily turning away. "No trespassers allowed!"

    Angel had only smiled and answered. "Can't see you. Where's my cat?"

    The conversation went on like this for quite a while. Benjy was quite an intelligent boy, however, he was puzzled by something: how happy and oddly unconcerned by the situation the boy was. Deciding it would take further study, the young genius decided to befriend the oddity known as Angel. Not really getting this, Angel accepted. It was never precisely a friendship but neither of them was able to hate the other.

    Around the age of seven, Ange was tutored at home. He had learned the basics of Braille yet he had very few books to read. Honestly, he could have been sent to public school but his parents wanted to keep an eye on their rather simple minded son. So with that, his father exposed him to the world slowly, letting him help at the diner, teaching him to cook, and letting this boy learn in a silent focused environment. To Benjy, a boy who went to public school, this seemed like a dream come true. Sometimes he would skip over and listen in, inwardly sighing at Angel's inability to grasp math but incredible ability at the sciences. He would frequently tutor him, while in exchange make Angel cook what little he was allowed to make. This was mildly dangerous, as Angel once had mistaken a type of knife and cut his hand open from not being able to hold it properly. Thankfully he survived, leaving his father to end up keeping an eye on him from that point forward in the kitchen.

    Benjy, being a smart boy who for some reason despised sitting still, often dragged Angel out of the house. Therefore, they got the boy an assisting animal: a Shetland pony who he called Apple. Originally, she would have been a dog, but Angel had bad experiences with dogs in his neighborhood too many times. Apple would frequently carry him out of the trouble that Benjy got him in. While his friend was genuinely trying to have fun and take him fun places, Benjy's other friends were not so well-intentioned. They frequently blamed misdeeds on the blind boy or made him commit pranks he didn't understand were wrong. Around a year ago, Angel stopped going with them, unhappy with his mother yelling at him for actions he may or may not have committed. It caused a large fight with Benjy, ending with the pair of them not speaking.

    When MAO came out, Angel had no idea, having buried himself in helping at the diner. Benjy, feeling rather guilty for the fight, created a character and bought the game for Angel to play, leaving one small thing changed: his gender. When the game started, it was delivered to Angel's home. Curious, the boy played it, only to end up very confused and shaken. After all, for the first time in his life, he could see.

    Avatar Name

    Ange Lumis

    Avatar Age


    Avatar Gender


    Avatar Appearance

    Ange's build is smaller than it ought to be, as though her growth period had been ended early. It is very similar to how Angel looks in real life. She is lean, physically capable, but tends to be more agile... if dodging was her first idea of movement. THe avatar's are particularly small but powerful, used for gripping cooking utensilsHer hair is relatively short and wavy, a burnt orange color that mostly spends its time covering her ears. Ange has aqua eyes, something she had never known until recently. The idea of color until now was foreign and for the most part, misunderstood. Benjy had done very well in creating her avatar before, it seemed, accurate down to the sizes of a girl at this age. They are average, almost unremarkable, rather like his best friend would be. Even the scars from where Angel had accidentally slipped with the knife and nearly cut his hand open three years back is a vivid pink on slightly golden skin. She has small dimples in her cheeks and lips easy for smiling.

    However good Benjy is at designing, he didn't count on one thing: her outfit is not suited for journeying kthx bai. No really, it's not. He almost forgot to put shoes in. The outfit looks like pajamas. It pretty much is a pair of baby blue pajamas. The sleeves for all of it go down to her wrists and they are thick and fluffy. She is pajama trainer. On her back is a very out of place olive-green rucksack with its many pockets and typical pokeball on the front in a shade of forest green. What is in the bag? Not much, considering she just started playing. She thinks there might be a compass. Maybe. She's never used one before so no one thinks so. What shoes did Benjy throw on her at the last minute you may ask? Moccasins. Yes, grey ones. They will definitely not last long. Let's hope she can find a clothing store.

    Starter Pokémon
    • Gender: Male
    • Nickname: Sia
    • Ability: Regenerator
    • Nature: Gentle
    • Level: 10
    • Moves: Psywave, Reflect, Rollout, Screech
    Roleplay Sample

    From The Children Are Hunted

    Zoran Nishant

    "Someone's following us."


    These words were bantered back and forth over and over, both from very light, airy voices. One was Zoran, who was well, a girl, and the other was a Buneary. Edmund didn't get this, not at all. If he was being followed, then the first thing he would do was get out of dodge. This was possibly a stupid fallacy of humans... or an insanity issue of the girl herself. Who knew? Maybe it was even both. She was practically skipping down the path, unconcerned with who or what or why. The girl was even humming, for god's sake.

    "Aren't... you gonna run?" Beside them, the odd Shinx yipped, agreeing with him. Well that was one creature with sense.

    Zoran shook her head cheerfully, hair dancing over and out of her face. "It would be kind of... pointless. And less fun! He can teleport, you know." The words were emphasized with a nod. "Besides," A leering sort of smile twisted the left side of her mouth. "I'm sure I can't give him what he wants." As she spoke, a place in the air almost warped, twisting a strange, distant shade of magenta. There it formed a goat-like creature, yellow fur thick over its limbs. In both hands it clutched a spoon.

    "I would beg to differ lass," it intoned, the Alakazam's expression did not change, but a voice resounded kindly in their minds. It was creepy, at least to Edmund, creepier than those meat lockers humans had for Miltank. "You know as well as I do where she is. After all, aren't you headed that way?"

    Zora giggled, turning to look at the levitating Pokemon, her honey eyes flickering in the sunlight. "Who?"

    No response was first, but a pink wave rippled from a spoon, knocking the Shinx and Edmund over. "I wouldn't test me if I were you. You know how impatient I am with games."

    The girl only smiled. "What will you do if I don't tell? Taking it from my brain would be just ru~de!" It almost chortled and then made a slicing motion with one clawlike hand. A pink blade hovered in midair, waiting patiently. The teenager giggled again. "Scary!"

    "Shouldn't it be? If you don't tell me lass, this might be the nicest thing done to her." It leveled its gaze at the slowly rising Pokemon. "You're aware of that."

    Zoran stood there and thought, patient, churning thoughts. If she told it would end. It would be soon, too soon. But if she died... well, then it would be a boring ending. Nothing was worse than boredom. Nothing was worse than the screams of dead and boredom. She shifted back on the balls of her feet, closing her eyes and humming gently a nursery rhyme so old nobody probably remembered its existence. As she did, memories rose in her mind, half-formed images of crimson eyes and and wings like spider legs.

    A partnership... a beautiful word is it not? How about you amuse me for a while... and I'll extend the game? Would that be fun? It gets so droll here after all...

    "Hmm...." Zoran murmured, licking her lips. Closing her eyes, the girl tilted her head downward. "I still dunno what you're talking about!" She placed her hands behind her back, as if the gesture would prove her innocence on the matter.

    Alakazam sighed. "If you insist then." He made another slashing motion and the pink blade moved, tearing her shirt open and cutting into her chest. Without a sound, Zoran fell backwards, Edmund jumping in the way of her cracking her head open. Sparx yowled and leaped, fangs glowing pale blue, only to be thrown into a nearby tree with a wave of the other paw. Edmund scrambled out from other the girl's head, trying to see Zoran's eyes. Was she dead? No... no wait... there was that pulse. Okay, not as bad now.

    Buneary looked up at the Alakazam, who levitated over to the limp girl. He tensed his small body. There was no way he could last long against a freaking fully evolved baddie like this guy. Nor could he evolve out of bloody nowhere. That was just not fair. He had to actually have a happy live to even come close to matching this bastard and that just wasn't happening. Edmund figured he was better off leaving the crazy chick and bolting into the underbrush.

    "I would stay where you are," the Psychic type advised, looking him up and down. A smirk curled its lips. He lowered his height in the air, reaching out toward the girl's prone head...

    Only for a purple and black ball to knock it away. No, more than knock it away. The limb twisted backward, snapping like a toothpick.

    Edmund growled softly, both ears curled close to his head. "I ain't a fan o' humans," he grumbled. "But I'm likin' you even less. BEAT IT!" He charged, white light circling his tiny body as he leaped, kicking the Pokemon in the face. "You hear me you old fart! GET OUTTA HERE!" He bounced, kicking repeated into the face of his enemy. Nothing quite like the move Frustration.

    Alakazam floated away, shaking his head. That had actually hurt... As the Buneary landed back on the ground, he weighed his options. He could get rid of the creature... and risk bringing some fool down on him. No, it was best to wait. It wasn't like the child wasn't easy to find or some other such nonsense. A smile alighted on his face. Actually, maybe it was best just to wait, time it just right.

    A low chuckle touched his lips and the Pokemon vanished, leaving Edmund to uncurl his ears with an unconscious girl on the road.

    "Well now what," he grumbled.

    Pokemon Team

    Sia- (Male Solosis)- Level 10 Screech, Rollout, Psywave, Reflect

    Kii- (Female Caterpie)- Level 5 Tackle, String Shot, Bug Bite (can't use very well)
    "Perhaps I misjudged you after all."

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