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Sophie O'Brien
Twenty-Two & Female

PERSONALiTY: Sophie is seen as a little bit of a loner to those who are acquainted with her, though that's not really true at all. Not entirely. Sure, she enjoys company and sure, social gatherings are a lot of fun but Sophie is a listener. She likes to be a part of a group conversation but not the one that drives it. If she's with her friends, she'll be either reading a book or playing a video game of somesort, but always listening. In fact, her friends have pulled her up a few times about it but are a little flabbergasted to realise that she can recall everything they've said perfectly. The only time she doesn't listen is when she's staring off into space, though it's not hard to snap her out of that. When she does talk, Sophie is always polite, using 'sir' and 'miss' whenever possible to her elders. She would never swear or say something inappropriate.

Sophie is one to just go with the flow, following what her friends do. As long as it isn't completely ridiculous or out of the blue, Sophie will probably do what you ask her to without any questions. She's a little bit of a people pleaser, doing whatever she can to fuel other's happiness regardless of her own. She's got quite a strong sense of what she thinks is right and wrong so she's willing to tell you if she thinks you're doing something not particularly nice.

As one who's practically been raised by video games, Sophie has a lot to do with them in her life. Whenever she has a spare minute, she's thrashing the buttons on her portable console to try and beat the next boss or finish the next level. She's also a bit of an artist and likes to draw video games as much as possible. In fact, if you look through her sketch book, she has various storylines sketched out and different characters littered between the pages.

HiSTORY: Sophie was born in the land down under (specifically, in Australia) in the city of Brisbane. When she came into the world, she was gifted with a overbearing, stay-at-home mother, a white collar father who didn't spend a great deal of time at home (and when he was, he was sleeping) and a kind older by five years brother to keep her company. Her family was well off, not in a great deal of debt but yet her father insisted on working all the time. This put an incredible amount of stress on her mother though Sophie knew nothing of it until she hit her teens.

By the time she hit primary school, her mother became pregnant (later, Sophie would wonder when they would have made time for those kinds of things) and family issues had started to arise. To keep her oblivious from the obvious fights, her father bought her a DS and a Pokémon game and shuffled her off to her room so that she would be so distracted that she couldn't hear the screams between her parents. Surprisingly, it worked perfectly.

Six months later, she was brought home early from school from her heavily pregnant and hysterical mother. The news was told to her very slowly; her father had died in an accident. His car was found with him dead inside it, smouldering next to a large tree. Both Sophie and her brother understood the situation completely and continued on with their lives, just with less money. It didn't feel much different than before anyway. Just less fighting, more crying.

Sophie continued with school, a little depressive for a six year old at first, but it didn't take very long at all for her to go on as if nothing had happened. Her younger brother was born without a father and though her mother tried to fill that void with uncles or boyfriends, there was no use for it anyway. Soon, primary school was over and Sophie started high school. She graduated with high marks, with much of a surprise to her and her mother; Sophie barely remembered studying between playing video games and messing around on the Internet.

When it came to tertiary studies, Sophie had no idea where to go. She had so much expected of her thanks to her unexpected high grades and honestly, hated it. When relatives said "doctor!" or "lawyer!" she said "no way!". She was more of a creative person anyway and when she was accepted into a university doing a bachelor of "fine arts", everyone was a little bit baffled. She also took university as her chance to leave her childhood home and all the bad memories with it. The only thing she took with her, other than clothes and living essentials, was the DS and Pokémon game her father originally gave her.

Now, she lives with her two roommates in a townhouse somewhere near a train station, but still in Brisbane, trying to figure out what to do with her life. When MAO was first announced, as a long time Pokémon fan, Sophie pre-ordered the game as soon as she could and was first at the doors on release morning. She got home as fast as she could, skipped university classes and immersed herself into her computer to get the 'full game experience'. At first, Sophie was going to create a character based entirely off her but changed her mind halfway. She, in real life, would always be a girl, so why not try to be a boy in a 'virtual' reality? Zubat was her starter Pokémon, but only because there were too many to choose from and she let a randomiser do it for her.

So far in game, Sophie hasn't done a whole lot. Trying to get a feel of everything, Sophie (or Birdie, as this was the name she (and now he) had taken on) has spent a great deal of time talking to NPCs in New Bark Town since the lock down. Thinking maybe they would hold clues on how to get out of this virtual prison, but he's had no luck so far. At least he's done a little training though; at the moment, Birdie is roaming in Cherrygrove trying to carefully train her Zubat.

Eighteen & Male

AVATAR APPEARANCE: Birdie is quite cute for a guy and justly so as a girl fashioned his face. He's got a messy flop of brown hair and round, brown eyes hidden underneath his glasses. He's not tall, but neither short for a boy of his 'age' but probably a tiny bit lankier than one. He doesn't look physically strong at all, nor do his glasses look like they make him any smarter. Actually, aside from looking cute and his ridiculous name, he looks like a perfectly average eighteen year old.

Clothes wise, he's not exactly sharply dressed nor does he run around in torn clothing. He sticks to what's comfortable; t-shirts, maybe collared shirts every now and again, and a pair of pants, usually jeans or shorts depending on the weather. His shoes are just as plain, toting a pair of comfortable laced shoes. To hold stuff he carries around with him, Birdie also has a normal sized backpack with several pockets for different uses. He keeps his PokéBalls in his pockets or maybe his bag, whatever's easier. Other than that, he has no excess jewellery nor random additions of clothing, asides his glasses. He's just a normal, kinda cute guy with glasses.

ZUBAT // Todo ♂ // LV~14
ABiLiTY: Inner Focus // NATURE: Careful // MET AT: Starter Pokémon
MOVESET: Leech Life, Bite, Supersonic
CAUGHT: Starter Pokémon
HOOTHOOT // Kimi ♀ // LV~9
ABiLiTY: Inner Focus // NATURE: Mild // MET AT: Route 30
MOVESET: Growl, Tackle, Hypnosis, Foresight

The city of Zaphias itself was an entirely new experience for Ericka Kenway. Having been born and raised in a seaside town, everything here was a new sight, a new smell and a new sound. It was as if she had fell through a black hole and this was a completely different universe to the one she knew. Even the people were different; rather than the friendly, small-town of greeting everyone who passed you, people seemed to act stand-offish and avoid you totally. Ericka didn't mind too much, though. She was far too busy taking in the sights than to do her usual thing.

A map helped her find her way to a place known as "Vayne's Labratory", though Ericka took several detours, briefly stopping in some shops along the way. Everything seemed a little expensive, but far cooler looking than the clothes she was used to. What Ericka adored more was the cute Pokémon that helped the shop keepers. She couldn't name them all, but they all looked so friendly and amazing. She couldn't wait until she had her own.

"Can I help you with anything, miss?" the shopkeepers would say when Ericka found herself staring too long.

"No, thank-you. I'm just looking. But thank-you!" she looked a little disappointingly down at the sack of coins her mother had given to her before she left. For her, it was a good lot. Maybe a month's worth of pocket money, maybe a little more?! But here, it was probably small change.

Thankfully though, nobody had offered her a lift home or asked where her parents were. Were people less judgemental in this city or did they just not care?

"Hello! You look a little out of place, little miss," a man standing by a market beckoned Ericka over as she strode through the streets. She walked over to him, map outstretched, pouting slightly. "Do you need any help?"

"Actually, yes," she turned the map around so the man could see it. "I'm looking for... Vaan's labratory? That one," she pointed at the red circle around a point on the map.

"You definitely are not from around here, I can see that!" the man chuckled, pushing the map back to Ericka. "You were heading in the right direction. See, up there? That building? That's Vayne's labratory. Just walk up the street and turn right, alright?"

"Thank you very much, sir! I'm Ericka!" she reached out to shake the man's hand, which he accepted.

"Vincent," he said through another chuckle. "Are you staying in the city long?"

"I'm not sure, but I'm sure I'll see you again, Vinny! Thanks again!" and with a wave, she was off again.

She followed the directions perfectly; up the street and to the right. Indeed, what she recognised from pictures was the lab. It was... she couldn't contain her excitement any more, and rushed up the stairs to give the front door a big knock. She stood still for half a minute then stepped back. Maybe Vayne wasn't home? She turned around to find a place to wait, her eyes meeting with another boy around her age. Without hesitation, she strode over to him, waving to catch his attention.

"Hi!" she said when waving wasn't enough. "Do you know where Professor Vayne is?"
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