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This looks like a really interesting RP, I'd like to reserve a spot please if possible! :)

Real Name: William Clark
Real Age: 16
Real Gender: Male
Personality: On first glance many describe him as somewhat arrogant and abrasive, but those that know him are well aware of Will's kind-hearted nature and ability to inspire others. Having never been good at making friends, Will's natural reaction to new faces is to be as intimidating as possible until they prove their worth as otherwise they'd likely just disappoint him; those that are close to him however know all about this front and have learnt to ignore the rude comments often sent their way. Will is a naturally shy boy who'll do his best to stay away from others, historically leading him into a plethora of awkward situations when he's left alone to deal with huge tasks, but he'd never be brave enough to ask for help since to him that'd just be showing his weakness. His parents try to make him socialise with the neighbourhood kids by offering treats and rewards but this effort is wasted as if anything it only makes him want to stay away from others even more. He doesn't hate his parents by any means, but he has a natural affinity to doing the opposite of what they say, most recently being showcased by their pleas for him not to try on the NerveGear due to the nature of it taking over your brain and re-wiring all of your nerve connections; if only he'd learnt to listen to them. He was in too much of a rush to pay attention to their warnings since waiting around was never Will's style - he always felt it made life far too boring. Since entering MAO, Will has stayed clear of other players where possible and has done his best to keep up a good pace of training whilst growing a surprisingly strong bond with his parter Pokémon, but on the inside he knows that none of this is real and has been doubting the promise of death upon whiting out in-game; he's certainly not willing to risk finding out though. Having always been a bit of a nerd with his love of video games and anime, Will decided upon the name of 'Tamaki' for his avatar, named after his favourite anime character.
History: (include where on Earth you live)

Avatar Name: Tamaki
Avatar Age: 17
Avatar Gender: Male
Avatar Appearance:

With long dirty blonde hair forming pointed bundles on all sides of his head accompanied by dark green eyes and sleek steel-wire framed glasses resting on his slender nose, Tamaki is Will's best attempt at creating what others would consider a 'handsome' avatar. His medium height and thin build certainly don't make Tamaki appear as a very formidable opponent, especially not when the stakes as high as survival, but the intimidating looks of anger that fill his face on a regular basis more than make up for this. His typical attire consists of a white shirt covered by a black suit jacket and matching black tie with accompanying tight smart black trousers; however it's rare to see him with his top button done up and tie fastened correctly as despite his attempt at choosing smart looking clothes he had always hated looking so formal. He keeps a pointed tooth shaped necklace around his neck as a reminder of his shark-tooth duplicate in reality serving as a constant reminder of his best friend Lizzie who presented it to him a few days before trying on the NerveGear.

Starter Pokémon:
  • Skorupi ♂
  • Level 12
  • Nature: Lonely
  • Ability: Battle Armour
  • Moves: Bite, Poison Sting, Leer, Knock Off, Pin Missile

Roleplay Sample: From Sword Art Online: Infinity Edition.


Rapp - Floor 8 Town Center

“Oh and it must be one handed and light! If you could do all that I would really appreciate it!" echoed Dante as he finished his request.

"Ahh, now you're talking! Finally a challenge worthy of my forging prowess. It'll take a little while to find the materials for crafting a sword of that strength so you may want to come back in a couple of hours; I'll message you when it's done." Without waiting for a reply, Rapp hurried back into his storeroom as he began contemplating what materials to use and exactly how to craft them. His adventures so far in the world of Aincrad had led him to build up vast quantities of materials so he had no doubt that he'd have what he needed - it was just a case of working out exactly what that would be.

Rapp cascaded around the room ransacking every cupboard and draw that he came across to find the perfect materials to use. "Let's see, I'll use the Veral Ore that I just obtained as a sturdy lightweight base, gleam it with a Frost Gem extract for extra swift responses, tip the blade with... hmm... perhaps... Oh of course, these razor sharp Polished Spiral Shell Shards will do the trick for a devastatingly sharp Sword Skill bonus! And a handle crafted from the ancient Polway tree in Floor 7's meadows should add a lot of strength to each blow, bound with the cured hide of the rare aquatic monsters of Floor 6's lakes to add some extra durability... Oh but that might be too heavy, perhaps a Cow Hide binding instead...? But then the strength is lost... Ahh I know, a Snakeskin binding studded with Topaz Gems should be perfect!" He stood still for a second whilst contemplating his findings. "Right, that's everything, time to get to work!"

Rapp gathered the materials on his workbench and started hammering at each piece to craft the perfect array of parts for his new masterpiece. However when he reached the Veral Ore core, a problem arose. A message appeared before his eyes: "Insufficient level of forgery to craft.". Crap, what am I going to do now? I promised him this blade... I only need a tiny amount of experience till I'm able to craft that but that'd take to long... He paced back and forth contemplating how to explain himself to Dante before noticing the Alchemy handbook placed open on his desk from his earlier revelation. "Oh of course, I'll just make a Potion of Forgery to boost my skill for a little while!"

Having found the page listing the Potion of Forgery's information, Rapp read through the potion's properties to try and work out the ingredients. "Aroma of sulfur, that should be Morrowwart..." Rapp grabbed the herb from under his desk as he winced at the smell and continued reading before gathering the ingredients. "A black-ish hue - the only herbs I know to produce a black solution would be Heralt Weed or Nodalbrim, I'll try both! And lastly... A sweet taste that stings the throat." Rapp closed his eyes as he concentrated, thinking back through everything he had learnt. "Sweet but stings, what on Aincrad could that be?" He smacked his palm against his forehead before remembering back to the first time he'd ever met his friend Rayle. She'd been complaining of a sore throat when they had first met and she was famous for her love of sweet things, but what had she been eating? Rapp suddenly realised as he shouted out loud: "Iban Due, of course!"

He combined the ingredients together one-by-one before coming up with two possible potions to try out. Without hesitating, he tried both at once and hoped that one would work. "Hmm, let's try this out!" As he began walking over to the bench, he unintentionally dashed forward straight into the opposite wall before standing back dazed and rubbing his head. "Owww, I guess I found the ingredients for a speed potion too then!" He noted down his findings before carefully walking over to his bench to begin work. Hammering away at the materials, no restriction messages appeared this time making him feel pleased with himself at having created the right potion. As he carefully applied the Studded Snakeskin Bounds, the sword starting shining brightly in the light as he raised up the blue-tinted blade and took a swing watching it slice through the air. Ahh yes, now this is good. This is very good. Too good for Dante I reckon! He grinned wildly whilst swiping at the screen in front of him excitedly typing out his message to Dante.

To: Dante
Subject: IT'S DONE!!!
It's done, it's done! Come back instantly, you have to see it! This is my best piece of work yet, it'll last you easily until the 20th floor, most likely even to floor 30 or higher! The gleaming blue blade is glossed with frost gem extract giving it a wonderful shine and it'll be as swift as you could possibly want, plus the razor-sharp tip will really do wonders on boosting your Sword Skills. Just imagine your pretty purple flower dance but three times as fast and fifty times sharper! Plus it won't weigh you down at all with the super light-weight core and the handle should be a truly comfortable fit with the rare wood that it's made from, also making it twice as forceful with each blow! Anyway you'll see for yourself, just get here now!

Rapp eagerly awaited Dante's return as he continued to stare at his beautiful creation, the Twilight Blade.

Nevermind, out of time!
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