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RHCP, you know I cannot resist your RPs. (Stop making them so darn appealing!) Since I'm going on break and next semester have an easier course load I'll be able to participate in this and Checkmate (since we're going relatively slow for now)

Blah blah blah aside, reserve me a spot? :)

Real Name: Amell Porcitti
Real Age: 15
Real Gender: Male

Personality: Amell is a reserved individual when he is around people who he doesn't know. In school he sits with his friends but he rarely participates in the daily conversations. He acts very awkward around them as he feels that they couldn't handle his real persona. Each and every day he waits until he can escape into his online reality and freely express himself. He loves the thrill of escapism from everyday struggles that he goes through.

He wishes that he could change his entire identify to match his online one. The constant struggles he has with speaking up is what holds him back. Despite wanting to be himself he doesn't want to disrupt the balanced life he lives and those around him. So he goes through motions but sometimes he gets a little bravery boost only to his disappointment when his friend's and family don't act in a positive manner. His dad is a very strict man and doesn't tolerate behavior that he considers strays from the norm, his norm.

Being Fara, like this game it gives him a chance to do it, allows him to become very colorful and experimental. Given this revised personality Amell is able to feel more like himself or rather herself than ever before. Amell's effeminacy is one of the main reasons he chose to create his avatar as a lady. Being a strategic person Amell picked up that people trust girls far more often than guys, which is a critical mistake. As Fara Amell is one what call a femme fatale, she's dangerously beauty. She's also as cunning as she is dangerous this makes her a handful. She manipulates people until she doesn't know what to do with them and then abandons them without telling them she's doing so. Fara is a social butterfly and actually likes getting to know her "victims" before she leaves them. She feels it's best to sever all ties because she doesn't want to be put in the same situation that she is putting them in. This attitude has left her numb and conflicted about all of her emotions that she tends to ignore.

History: Born two decades after his other siblings as the third son, fourth child of a military family. From the moment he was welcomed into the household he had expectations and goals expected of him. His father had his whole life mapped out, literally, for him. The family had already produced a lawyer and a police officer now all they needed was a doctor and that was to be Amell. That was until the day came when he fainted at the sight of fake blood. It was for a Halloween party for his class where his classmates and himself were allowed to dress up as all kinds of creatures. Of course, Amell's father insisted that he be a zombie doctor who ate his patients instead of giving them treatment. While his father applied the fake blood he kept his eyes closed in order to concentrate so that he remained steady. Soon after a mirror was handed to him to check out the handy work that was so detailed Amell truly believed that he was bleeding from the mouth. He hit his head on the dining room table when he fell forward during his fainting spell hence him not remembering that day. From that day on his father treated differently while he kept him at a distance as all his dreams and hopes for his last son just shattered and there wasn't anything he could do about it.

With his siblings being twenty years older than him he rarely got the chance to interact with them. They were never around during his childhood because they quickly acquired families and children with whom they spent their time. This left Amell with his mother who was one quirky lady and where he gets his most of his from. She spent her time at a local pottery place where she crafted her famous pottery that was displayed all over the household. Every Saturday since Amell was nine they've gone to the exact same pottery place and had fun. Amell knew that his mother hated being around his father more than she had to. She still loved his father but he was a lot to deal with and constantly be around on a daily basis. Amell loved the time he spent with his mother even though he knew his father didn't approve of such quality time.

Pokemon was Amell's first obsession and possibly even true love. He was able to escape his father's harsh words and just focus on his team. A team that was always all female and usually had excellent defense and offensive move sets so that he never lost a battle. He preferred to not have to reset because he hardly saved his game because he was too engrossed in said game to pause it even for a second. Quickly he developed favorites and members that he just knew he had to always have on his team. Even though the story and team became repetitive in a way it didn't stop Amell from playing every single one. By the time Amell itched for a new game he acquired MAO and instantly became hooked as was to be expected. Lucky enough he was able to snag a spot in line for the pre-order sales due to his intent awareness of when the games who were available for it. Before he unwrapped his most anticipated treasure he decided that he would do it all differently this time. That's why he chose a male Pokemon starter and intends on sticking with that theme unless he finds his next one happens be a female. After he spent quality time on his avatar he relied on its looks to get him farther in the game. He hoped that he would gain a reputation so he started the rumor that Fara's codename was "The Slayer". She supposedly viciously attack players until they whited out despite the fact of them being new to MAO. Ruthless was another characteristic thrusted upon her but one she adapted to with ease. Clueless of the fact that Fara had never actually participated in any of these guilty pleasures she apparently divulged in. He came to a realization that being the "villain" was actually a satisfying occupation Amell set his sights on becoming the cruelest player one was to come across thus arriving at present day...
Avatar Name: Fara O'Shay
Avatar Age: 22
Avatar Gender: Female

Avatar Appearance: Amell redesigned Fara several times a day before he committed to an actual look like he felt suited him and her. With a combination of attractive physical traits from his mother and those he had looked up online he had created what he felt was truly perfection. Fara stands at 5'10", a height where it is usual for her to tower over the other girls and even some of the males. Her dark complected skin also set her apart from most as she find it rare to come across another character with the same pigment as her. To compliment her skin she had wide-eyed brown eyes which were deceptively inviting to anyone willing to look. Giving her something to nervously play with was her long, black, curly hair that went passed her shoulders. Most of the time she kept in a ponytail that way it didn't distract her but if she is trying to distract someone with her offhanded beauty she'll let it be free.

To mold herself after the image of her reputation Fara wears an opened-up, black, leather jacket that's length only goes to the middle of her ribcage. Surprisingly enough above the chest pockets is where she had sewn in a horizontal spot for her Pokeball's to be attached to via velcro, three on each side. Underneath a purposely worn looking t-shirt stood in display. An attraction that never failed to capture the eyes of those around her were her long, slender legs. She covered them with very skin tight jeans which were easier to run away in a haste than people thought. In order to captivate more glances her way she wears a pair of black in color, strapped heels. To stare down her opponents/victims without them taking notice she selected a pair of golden framed, green lensed colored sunglasses. Never not in her hands were small purse handles but the black purse itself looked like a shopping bag.

Starter Pokémon:

Gender: ♂ || Ability: Poison Point || Nature: Rash
Moveset: Growl, Tail Whip, Scratch, Poison Point, and Double Kick

Roleplay Sample: From La Famiglia
As the blur that was Camellia strolled passed her Ari was quick to roll her eyes before her Adept could catch on. Her steps were slow yet deliberate because she didn’t want be around Camellia’s happiness for too long. She had this way of irritating Ari with her choice of words and how she phrased them. Ari’s biggest fault was letting Camellia in for long enough that she was able to read her true emotions even through her harsh words. Her mind told her to run in the opposite direction away from Camellia and away from this ball. She wanted in that moment to be by her father’s side but she had a duty she must fulfill for La Famiglia. Ari took a second to herself outside her room before she entered and took her seat. She loved her room it was the ultimate playhouse for all of Ari’s desires but they were safely hidden in the walls. The seat she took was behind a wooden desk that was craved with different designs and each looked similar to one another. She ran her hands over twists and turns that the wood made. All she wanted to do with her make-up was thicken her eyeliner and reapply her lipstick but Camellia insisted on playing stylist.

“You look so pretty! Marcus is sure to fall for you tonight,” she said offhandedly as she helped herself to Ari’s bathroom mirror, “Ari and Marcus sitting in a tree, K-I-S-S-I-N-G…”

“Marcus? Gross,” Ari's voiced strained as she talked, she felt like lying but somehow she couldn’t do it with conviction. “I don’t know where you got that idea from but you should keep it to yourself.” Those words brought the confidence back to Ari’s voice while she shifted the mirror to look at her reflection. It worked but it wasn’t her style but perhaps if it caught Marcus’s attention…

“I need in here so you can do your clown make-up elsewhere,” She smirked; she still had it, that drive to make other people miserable. It didn’t show in Camellia’s face that she was the slight bit offended by her remark, which drove Ari crazy. Ari wanted to wipe the look off her face so she slammed the door as Camellia turned to say something. On a slim metal hanger held her most risqué dress, which was saved especially for this night. The annual ball was most impressionable night of La Famiglia. This was her scene and her scene alone despite the competition that rose up every once and awhile. When she saw Camellia in the nude she had begun to doubt the attractiveness of her self-image.

Ari slipped out of her old dress and replaced it with less material but more oomph. White in color, two thin straps covered with opaque jewels held up the dress. The jewels trailed down the straps onto the chest were they bordered the edge. A strip of white fabric appeared in an upward facing arrow underneath the jewel decorations. In several layers was the rest of the dress, which didn’t go passed Ari’s knees but none of her dresses did. The first layer shimmered and appeared silver unless viewed at the right angle then it became apparent that it was apparent. Beneath the first layer were many layers of just plain white dress material that kept the dress from showing off too much. Ari took the time to raid her jewelry box for earrings that befit this outfit. There were shiny studs, glittery hoops, and even a pair of diamonds in the small, round box. In the end she decided on a pair of teardrop shaped earrings, there was an opening shaped in the same teardrop form. They had the same opaque jewelry on its edges as the dress. Her own teardrop inched down her face as she recalled the day her father had gifted them to her the day of her 17th birthday… She slammed shut the jewelry box in hopes that it shut the memories that leaked forward from the back of her mind. She slipped her hands through three bangles all black in color that were dotted with tiny jewels and located on her left arm. To compliment her black accessories she removed her cherry red lipstick and reapplied a much darker shade. Ari failed to realize her entire wardrobe and glamorized change took a half an hour. Before she went off with Camellia arm in arm she securely strapped on a pair of black heels.

“Ari, can we please go lick that sculpture?” She giggled.

“Yes Camellia, let’s act like idiots in front of the whole Famiglia!” She huffed, she felt insulted that suggestion would even be brought up but admitted that it did sound fun. “I’m the Head of Intelligence but someone lower in the ranks such as you can feel free to do that!”

Ari pulled her "elegant" gown upwards and took off from her Adept a little too eagerly. All she wanted was a moment to cool down. She truly cared for Camellia who brought out the best in her but not without the bad. Ari spotted all the current members of the La Famiglia who had contracted with the Arcana Tarocco Cards. There were more than she remembered, last year’s ball held a smaller group. Another sight that she wished she never came upon was the filthy Coin Apprentice from earlier. Ari laughed as she thought about how Annabelle's upmost respect must be given to her by night’s end.

“Annabeth,” Ari flashed a smile as she walked up to the Apprentice. Her body language seemed receptive yet her eyes told a more sinister tale. “You know what you should do? Dance. Maybe with a boy that can stand the sight of you… Dear god, what are you wearing? Clearly you would’ve been better off in that maid’s outfit.”

Her eyes fell to her next victim who stood just stood in the background of Annabelle. She had to walk clear across the room with her heels that clicked and clacked the entire way on the ballroom floor. The young Apprentice, who looked quite dapper for a newcomer was her mark and she intended on getting him to do what she wanted. She’d feed him a couple worms and then baited him in now it was time to set him free.

“Tobi, dance?” Ari snatched Tobi’s hands not willing to take rejection and placed them on her now prominent hips. She giggled as if his touched made her feel something special but in reality it revolted her that this kid had his rough hands on her even if she put them there. His need for attention was obvious when Ari watched him lap up her every word earlier without objection. “Remember our deal? You drop that sack of bile name Annabella and I’ll get you in with Marcus!” Ari took one of Tobi’s hand held it up and spun underneath. She leaned in closely and ran her hand through his hair and genuinely smiled at him. Not because she felt an attraction toward him but because she knew her plan had to work, it just had to. With the smirk returned to her face she promptly excused herself from Tobi’s presence and headed towards Aerous who stood at the bottom of the staircase.

“Why on earth aren’t we trusting Marcus to oversee Nova?” Ari wondered outloud her voice purposely loud enough to reach Aerous’s ears. “Or even Oda! At least we know they won’t go overboard.” She blew a kiss toward Aerous and the image of a pair of lips floated through the air towards Aerous. The lips crumbled right as they were to touch Aerous’s skin clearly the work of Ari’s illusions skills. She tossed her hair back as she strutted with poise toward the beautiful Miss Camellia, something Aerous would say.

“Well, your brother looks... “Ari’s eyes were peeled to Marcus when she noticed how nicely he cleaned up. Her own dress matched his outfit almost as if she had planned it that way... She hurried to finish before Camellia caught on to why she stopped mid sentence. “Too serious! He needs to lighten up and have some fun!”


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