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Marcus de Telarius- #8 Strength

In the process of watching his siblings fight, he saw Flint toss one of the thieves into the ocean. Marcus's face instantly was fashioned with a mixture of expected anger, disbelief, and annoyance, as he ran after the broken thief in the water, removing his gauntlets, shoes and business coat, and dived in after him. Flint was well aware that they were to take in the prisoners, not kill them. With the injuries Flint had inflicted upon the last thief, it was doubtful if he would survive. And if he did, he may very well have gotten away. Marcus knew Flint wasn't in Sword, but he should have been well aware of protocol by now to have known what to do.

The cool saltwater engulfed his face as he entered into the ocean. The thief's body had already begun to descend quite a distance, so Marcus had to pick up speed to be able to catch up to him. He covered much ground with a few strokes, diving deeper into the water, ever aware of the time he would need before he would have to take a breath. Luckily, he reached out and grabbed the thief, then proceeded back to the surface for air. As he reached up, in inhaling deeply as the wave of air reached his lungs, he was fulfilled that the thief was also breathing steadily, though now unconscious. Marcus resided there floating in the water for a few more moments, catching his breath, before yelling back to the ship.

"Flint!" He bellowed, though no one answered. As he climbed back onto the ship, the knocked out thief over his shoulder, he reached to find an abandoned ship, with only the bodies of the other thieves there. His siblings must have already gone ahead to prepare for the ball, leaving Marcus to deal with the thieves' bodies. Marcus didn't mind. It technically wasn't apart of their division to handle anyways, but he was upset with the conduct they had exhibited. Beck allowed himself to be pushed around by a much weaker (in Marcus's opinion) individual. Flint had violated codes of conduct and mission protocol. Camellia, though he respected her stance, continued to approach these situations with the intent on violence-aversion, though he had constantly lectured her on the sometimes unavoidability of situations. When he sees them tonight at the ball, and he will see them, he will lecture them individually on what they had done wrong. Though most likely he will have to save his lecture for Flint at home, as the minor scolding could inevitably turn into a full on scream-match, and that was something Marcus definitely didn't want to have in public.

A few Famiglia guards approached onto the the ship, seeing the knocked out thieves and Marcus, wet from the ocean and placing back on his shoes, though, carrying his coat and gauntlets in his arms. One of the guards approached Marcus. "Sir!" He said, snapping to attention.

"Report," Marcus said, cleaning out some salt and sand that had wandered into his ear.

"Thieves have been accounted for. Most have been captured or are in the process of being captured." He responded. The other guards were rounding up the unconscious thieves on the boat, as Marcus watched, his eyes going between the guard in front of him and the ones picking up the criminals. Marcus nodded in acknowledgement, then responded.

"I want the details made into two copies, one sent to my quarters and another to my office files."

"Yes sir!" The Guard responded with a salute, helping his comrades round up the remaining criminals. Marcus, meanwhile, exited the ship and proceeded to go get ready for the ball. He had already decided he would act as head of security at the ball, so he prompted himself to hurry to get ready quickly.

Marcus had learned a long time ago to perform at a quick, but proficient manner. Packing and preparing had fit into this as well. He expected similarly from his subordinates, though some of their more...colorful personalities often didn't allow for the same level of punctuality. As he concluded his shower, he began dressing in his most appropriate clothing he could find. Being of the de Telarius family, among the richest on Regalo, finding expensive clothing wasn't very difficult. Besides, he had already picked out the clothing he would be wearing tonight ahead of time.

A white plain stiff-fronted silk shirt, made from the finest the de Telarius could get there hands on, is where his outfit began. This was fitted with white stiff wing color, which was detachable. A white bow tie, an unconventional color and piece Marcus decided upon (Marcus customarily doesn't trail far from traditional black, blue or red, unless a special occasion would arise), would go with it. Over this would be a white, silk waistcoat. A black dress coat would be worn over it, with matching dress trousers of the same high-quality fabric on the bottom. Shiny, dark dress shoes would complete the outfit. Marcus immediately but carefully began to assemble the suit onto himself, usually preferring to do so by himself, never quite trusting others with his clothing, as he always believed only with himself can he assure the utmost care has been given, at least in the dressing.

He already had on most of his outfit, minus the dress coat, as a knock came on the door. "Come in." Marcus announcing, observing himself in the mirror of his room. A guard entered the room, walking a few paces and stopping about three meters away, standing at attention.

"Sir, I have the report for you on the thieves' capturing." He said, as Marcus continued to adjust cufflinks made of gold onto his shirt. He stopped, extending his arm for the document, and grabbed hold of the folder as it was placed into his arm. The guard moved back a few paces, but knew better by now than to leave, as Marcus was known to typically issue out additional orders or commands after reviewing reports. Marcus scanned the document, tilting his head a bit as he reviewed the actions by some of his subordinates...but more particularly interesting the involvement of members from other sectors. It was strange for so many to have gotten involved, especially those that weren't apart of Swords. Marcus didn't particularly like it. He appreciated their help, of course, but the divisions of sectors were, in his opinion, there for a reason. Each sector had their own duty, and they were to be performed by that sector's members, to the best of their ability. When a member of another sector interfered in the business of another, Marcus never particularly liked it, even if it had nothing to do with his sector. He reserved his personal opinions on those situations, but this one involved his sector. When others got involved in Swords, it gave the appearance that Swords were incapable of handling their own affairs of defense, which obviously wasn't true. Marcus made a note to show an appearance of strength by them at a later time, or at a time when he deems the timing of such would be appropriate.

Regardless, he was quite impressed with some of the capturing of the other thieves by other branch members, but decided to focus more on his own branch. Xoxxa and Oda had apparently performed their mission together. Marcus noted the mark of stolen property filed against them, particularly Oda, figuring he would speak to her about it later. Aerous's actions were more or less acceptable, though the manner by which he accomplished his mission was a bit worrisome. Marcus noted the way Aerous almost seemed to toy with the thief, as written in the report. This didn't bother Marcus too much, but it may be worth talking about to the adept. Tobi Lomborte, who was also involved, seemed to perform his duties without any problems, to the best of the reports knowledge. The four of them seemed to be the only immediate involvements in this particular report. Besides that report, there were the usual complaints that he typically received from other departments about their members, and some about other defense matters. He looked them over, some of them older and familiar to him already. There was the usual complaint against Coins' Annabelle Belizaire in there, to which Marcus promptly crumpled the note, sighing as he did so. It was rather annoying to him that his sector was constantly expanded upon its original meaning. He was in charge of defense and security, not necessarily the disciplinary actions of members of La Famiglia not in his sector. That was for the leaders of that particular sector to decide what should be done. He did not want to disrespect the authority of any particular leader by getting involved. However, if it was found that Annabelle proved to be too much of a handful, Marcus might step in at the ball and see if he can talk some sense into her. He found that people usually stopped whatever nonsense they did after a...small discussion with him. He turned his attention back to Swords. Though a few had some hiccups, he didn't necessarily see anything too unpleasant that occurred. The stolen motorcycle would have to be addressed, but otherwise, a job successfully done. Nevertheless, Marcus decided upon something.

"Inform Miss Baldotter, Miss Illiphia, Mr. Oxus and Mr. Lomborte to arrive to the ball early. Notify them that I have chosen to assign them to security for the event."

"Yes, sir!" The guard exclaimed, snapping to attention once more and leaving. Marcus hurriedly but steadily completed his outfit a few minutes later, taking a look at himself in the mirror once more before heading out the door, and to the ball.

It wasn't long before Marcus was present at the area which the ball would soon be held. He arrived early and promptly, before anyone else in fact, to ensure that the party area was secure for everyone. He made a few last minute security checks, before awaiting the arrival of other Swords members. Also in the back of his mind, he thought of his family, remembering that he would reprimand them as well. He earnestly hoped they would arrived promptly as well, and that none of them, particularly Flint, wouldn't do anything to ruin the de Telarius name, or attempt to drag their potential dynasty into the ground, which is something Marcus wonders if Flint is actually trying to the back of his mind, of course.

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