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    Xoxaa Illiphia

    The High Priestess

    Lending her final assistance towards Xoxaa, her superior returns with some of the maids and some garments from who knows where. While the maids remain, the older woman makes her departure, speaking kindly to the young woman before leaving to prepare herself for the coming event. She then takes her time looking over the items, not entirely happy with any of them as they're either the wrong side, are too cumbersome and large, or just plain obnoxious, and then there's the few likely to be worn by women looking for attention from the opposite sex. Her selection becomes a grueling process, but she finally comes to a decision, grabbing a simple, short golden-yellow dress and high heeled white boots. Unfortunately, the outfit would likely make her look like a hooker, but her choices are minimal so she went with what would fit her best and that wouldn't make her look like a clown. Better to look like a tramp rather than a clown at a formal event with people she'll have to interact with in the future. If any man tries to hit on her, she'll flatten him anyway.

    The girl takes her borrowed items and finds her way throughout the mansion, a place she has yet to entirely map out, but knew the layout well enough to find her way to her room, entering her haven and throwing the clothes on the bed. She knows that she's probably late, wasting no time in stripping down to her voluptuous figure and throwing herself into the shower to clean.

    "Miss Illiphia!" bellows one of the Famiglia guards as he bangs his fist on the door, knocking loudly, but not loud enough to drown out the pitter-pattering barrage of water drops in the shower that Xoxaa occupies during the moment.

    Unable to deliver his report from high command, he leans against the hallway wall opposite of Xoxaa's room door, waiting for her to be available once he deduced that she was busy in the shower due to the noise of running water he heard. Once the sounds of water dissipate, he proceeds to knock further, calling out for Xoxaa to come to the door. Naturally, Xoxaa hates nothing more than when people come knocking on her door, harassing her when all she wants is privacy, especially right now when she has important places to go. In the name of self preservation, she tries to keep as quiet as possible while drying herself off. Having enough of the man's angry bellowing, she wraps herself in a towel to conceal herself from her aggravating visitor, leaving her bathroom and cracks open the door to her room to see a large, somewhat overweight man, a guard too. Pissed off by this interruption, a stern scowl expressing her irritation towards the man. The guard looks shocked as he steps away slightly to allow for the girl to have her space to herself, perplexed by what he thought was the shy, quiet new addition to the Famiglia, instead giving him the stare-down despite him standing almost an entire foot taller than her.

    "What?" she enunciates harshly, her tone, an angry one.

    "Er...," he mutters, mystified by the events that unfolded, continues. "Miss Illiphia! Commander Telarius has designated all card holders of the Sword to be assigned to guard duty at the ball. He expects you to arrive early so be prompt, ma'am!"

    The young woman's menacing glare continues to bear down on him, retaliating to the man's words with a hostile, "Is that all? Then get the hell out of here."

    Her words are followed immediately after with the slamming of her room door. Sighing as she leans against her door with her eyes closed briefly, she moves over to her bed, throws her towel on top of her covers and throws her body onto the bed, looking up towards the ceiling as she pauses to reflect on the rest of the night's events.

    "So the Sector commander wants all Swords to be on guard duty? Well... I've never been on such an assignment. Am I supposed to bring a weapon then? That would be odd, a small girl in a dress and heels standing by on guard duty with guns in her hands," giggles the young girl to herself over the imagery of a young damsel armed to the teeth with military style weaponry. "I don't think I'll be able to attend the ball early, much less on time at this rate. Hopefully I can get by then."

    By then, Xoxaa's gaze fixates on the clock in her room, showing that at best she may have 20-25 minutes before the events begin. No point in getting worked up about something out of her control, the girl sitting up before lifting herself off the bed and initiating the dressing process. After a few minutes of slipping on her clothes for the ball, she finds a body sized mirror in her bathroom to examine her figure in the borrowed golden-yellow dress. With no straps, the girl's bust pushes against the top of her dress, revealing a decent amount of cleavage and accentuating her already curvy figure, causing Xoxaa to blush with embarrassment as she realizes it became worse than she thought. The dress softly hugs her athletic thighs, stopping a few inches short of her knees. Her boots however, clink and clonk against the ground, an obnoxious noise that one can hear for who knows how far away, but she likes the look of them nonetheless, even though one might call them stripper heels. The next step turns out to be a perplexing one, as she's never really attended formal events until now. Make-up wasn't something she's used to applying to herself, but she knew it would be incredibly awkward if she attends the ball without any. Sighing in frustration after staring at herself in her bathroom mirror, she instead decides to put up with her ineptitude in cosmetics and heads to grab her back, making sure she brings along ample ammunition and assuring that her guns are unloaded just to be safe before packing it all up and heading out the door.

    To her horror, she walks right into a trio of maids who were about to knock on the girl's door and assure she's properly prepared for tonight's ball. Their interaction was quick, Xoxaa receiving scorn for not properly styling her hair or applying any make-up whatsoever. Naturally, the maids drag her away to another room to beautify her for the ball like a "proper" young woman. Oh, the societal norms that cause the girl so much grief, striking again in the most inopportune of times.
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