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Flint de Telarius: The Chariot

So Flint was supposed to review the thief incident with Marcus as Beck ran away like a little b**** and Camellia nearly died and had to get ready for the ball (girls always took forever). This left the real men of the de Telarius with the mess. Yeah, well that didn't happen. This is mostly because Flint knew precisely what was going to occur. Marcus would say something like this: "Because of your decisions in engaging the thief, it resulted in difficulties in apprehending the suspects, acquiring information regarding their intentions and a general disregard of Famigilia's policies when dealing out justice." In other words, Flint was once again a hinderance rather than assistance. Flint would return the scolding with his own brand of "well, I am a member of Cave for a reason." The scolding was to be inevitable, and Flint would deal with it when he had. For now, he did not particularly care for it. When he heard his name echo in the wind, Flint made sure to retreat as fast as possible back to the mansion to prepare for the ball.

Flint had considered (greatly) to skip the ball completely and hit a local bar or something to kill time. Waking up far too late, he already felt groggy. The fight at least was nice change of pace from the usual monotony of working in Cave. Responsible for supplies, working in Cave became largely an office job unless you were taking inventory that day of the week. It became a tedious affair of compiling lists of imports and exports, juggling supply and demand, and striking the best deals in order to maximize profit (when possible). All this to make sure Coin didn't ride your ass that quarter because profits were down 3 points compared to last quarter. When Flint joined, there was a gradual increase in profit the first few quarters (while also some increased efficiency when dealing with supplies in general), mostly because he knew a number of organizations and worked a number of deals with said organizations. However, he would also tell you that profits have been down the past few quarters for reasons that Flint couldn't really explain. His theory: that struggling economy. Regardless, Flint's contribution have been surprising, enough to consider him for the Head of Cave's position. Flint rejected the position for the time being, not wanting the increased responsibility. Though, it would get the those Coin workers off his case. Then he would only have to report to the Head of Coin. Also Marcus would shut up. Maybe he should take the position after all…

Flint realized at the moment of self inspection, he would likely have to take account of what the thieves attempted to steal and make sure all the supplies were accounted for. Hopefully, other members of Cave would take over that position if Flint conveniently didn't show up for work quite yet and attributed to needing to get a new suit for the Ball. That would be a good excuse. Yeah, a new suit. Flint patted himself on the back for that one.

Flint wandered throughout the town, looking for a new wardrobe. Regalo, by nature, was a perfect ground for trading and acquiring goods, something Flint was proud to be part of considering his sector's responsibilities. Flint spent a far share of time journeying through the island, and knew many of the shop keepers. It wasn't hard for Flint to make friends and chat as he was a natural with words and could be business-like if he needed to be. It helped he had his usual shops to go to, picking his favorites quite carefully. He picked up some new casual clothes before going to his favorite "business apparel" store that he found when Marcus insisted he dress more appropriate for work.

Flint entered the store to the sound a gentle bell ringing along the door, swinging the bags of other clothes over his shoulder. A fairly short plump balding man by the name of Luigi popped up from behind his counter and his blue eyes glistened in the light.

"Hello there, Flint. What brings you to my shop today?"

"I need a suit for some ball thing tonight," Flint said avoiding eye contact and sounding throughly excited.

"You never came for a full suit before....who is she?~" Luigi said with a particularly frightening inflection to his voice.

"Luigi. I wouldn't tell you even if you paid me."

"Oh fine! Stay mysterious. I am sure the ladies love that," Luigi made a disapproving wave with his arms before returning back to under the counter. "You should have plenty of suits already anyway. Didn't Marcus buy you a bunch a couple months back?"

"Do I really look I'd wear any of the crap that man buys?" Flint said with an exaggerated sigh.

Luigi perked up and let out a hearty laugh and wiped away the single tear that left his eye. "Right, right. Come on back. I think I got something simple for you to wear tonight."

Moments later, Flint walked out with a suit that he could stand. It wasn't anything fancy. Red dress shirt, black dress coat and matching black trousers were the core part of the suit. He purchased an additional black tie and new black dress shoes, and a nice new black leather belt with a gold buckle. He wasn't sure why he suddenly wanted to keep it classy. He kept telling himself it was to make Marcus and the other members less angry at him. That and he supposed he needed to upgrade the wardrobe with something that was halfway decent. Marcus' taste was abhorrent really. Though he would probably say Flint was wearing too much black or something.

Flint had decided to make his way to the mansion with some degree of haste, if only to give himself enough time to prep himself up to look halfway decent. Flint never looked particularly good naturally, having a "rustic" charm about him if any shred of charm was given to him at all. Flint snuck around the hallways of the mansion before finally finding his room. He avoided any form of interaction successfully, making explaining the new wardrobe a non factor. If anyone but Beck found him with them, he would have a series of questions to answer. That would of been a drag. At least Beck would be relatively reasonable.

Flint cleaned himself up first, taking a quick shower, cleaned up his facial hair and removed all his piercings, knowing that they did not match his suit particularly well. He also dumped the necklace, sunglasses and headphones from his usual look, placing them nicely on a his desk in his room. Following a mournful sigh from his comfortable outfit, Flint proceeded to put on his new suit. The red shirt, pants and shoes were easy, but he genuinely struggled with the tie. "This is what I get for not having a girlfriend to take care of this for me," Flint complained. Eventually he got it right, even if it was slightly askew. Whatever. Most people will be surprised he cleaned up. He brushed his hair for the first time in weeks, taming it successfully so that it did not fly everywhere at the mercy of the elements. Finally the dress coat was put on over the rest of his outfit completing the look. "I don't look half bad. I am almost guaranteed to get at least one double take."

Flint left his room and silently closed the door, slowly making his way to the grand hall. Shortly before entering the door to the ball, Flint lit up a cigarette and approached the main door with the two guards, who did not open the door for Flint. Was Marcus tightening security to such an extent to prevent Flint from doing anything that would tarnish the family name? He wouldn't put it past him. It was in his nature after all.

"Is there some sort of problem?"

"The cigarette."

"So suddenly the facility is non smoking?" Flint said, with frustration stretching across his face. "Fine." Flint disposed of the cigarette with much regret. "Now life owes me two cigarettes." The guards opened the door and Flint entered the ball, immediately going for the refreshments. He needed a drink. And food. Then maybe, just maybe, he will look for company.

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