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Originally Posted by enohp View Post
I really like kingdom hearts as well, so I have some bias when I say that I really like your gallery. Hopefully you are planning some original works in the KH style. That would be really cool.
You're a Kingdom Hearts fan, too? You should have put that in your intro thread, haha. You earn brownie points for that! :D
But thank you! I don't really know how to adapt into the KH style (I don't even know what that is, although Nomura's art is sort of distinct, huh) nor make original works (if you mean by sketches or drawings), so yeah. :( However, I still look at the games for inspiration sometimes. And I try to be as creative as possible with my icons and tags (that's really the limit of my artistic capabilities as of right now) even though I'm just using stocks and C4D renders off the internet. I will consider your advice though, so thanks!

Originally Posted by Cirno View Post
Cid, these are awesome! :3 I love the effects and depth of your icons, though the signatures are just as amazing. Your typography is pretty great too and you're really good at getting all the right colors down - everything looks super! As Alexial said, the Mewtwo tag is wonderful and really does his character a lot of justice. <3

My only qualm is that I feel like the Axel tag is all over the place with the effects and colors; it's a bit of a strain for my eyes, though that could be personal preference. @[email protected];
Ahh Cirno thank you so much! :"> I really liked how the last four icons turned out especially, so I'm glad you liked them (even though I couldn't put text because it just didn't look right back then). I suck at typography most of the time but if you say so, aha. Thank you! :DD

That was what I was thinking when I looked back at my Axel tag. D; I was sort of inspired by another very colorful tag here at PC back in 2008, so all I was thinking when I made that was to make it as colorful as possible (and try out stuff that I also saw in other people's tags, like vectors, stock shadows, loads of layers, and those '<' symbols, because all I can do without much skill or experience to back my tag up was to imitate), but it turned out to be one huge mess of colors in the end. ;; Still, I reckon that looking back at my past mistakes would help me improve, too.
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