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    Ever since the announcement of Pokemon Black/White, there's been a lot of controversy within the franchise's community regarding the fifth generation:

    - The fact that it's not a 3DS title
    - The titles have gone back to colors rather than metal/gems
    - The main trainers are older than 10
    - A female professor
    - Pokemon evolving later than usual
    - The Dream World
    - The starters' performance in battle
    - Garbador line
    - Vanilluxe line
    - The Kami trio being recolors
    - BW's story
    - N in general
    - Unova's linearity, which has been explained by the developers
    - Unlimited TM use
    - HMs aren't constantly used often in the story
    - Healers in caves
    - You don't face the champion after beating the Elite 4 until post-story
    - Removal of the Battle Frontier
    - No VS Seeker
    - Sequels instead of an anticipated third version
    - The fact that said sequels aren't on the 3DS
    - The Dream Radar
    - The Kami Trio getting new formes to make them look different
    - Cheren as a Gym Leader, ruining Blue's uniqueness
    - Kyurem can't be caught until post-story
    - Iris as champion
    - The difficulty setting
    - The Pokemon World Tournament

    I haven't seen this much hate on a certain gen since the Ruby/Sapphire days. Could Gen V perhaps be the most polarized gen in the whole series?
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