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    Xoxaa Illiphia

    The High Priestess

    "Yup... I'm late..." realizes Xoxaa as she approaches the doors of the ball, her back just slightly hunched in absolute dread, clearly an improper posture for a woman supposedly of high class being in the Famiglia.

    "Uhh, Miss Illiphia?" states one of the guards, a quizzical gesture on his face as he notices the young woman's posture and sullen expression on her face.

    Xoxaa jumps, startled by the words and immediately straightens up with a nervous smile on her phase, making the situation all the more awkward as her face is now fully dolled up by the maids to look her best, which they surely did with her but she had refused to look at herself in the mirror to avert inevitable embarrassment. She stands there, frozen like always when strangers speak to her, but it only worsens at a time like this, as formal events are most certainly her bane.

    "Marcus wanted to see you earlier but it seems he's already addressed the other Swords. He wants us all to make sure no troubles arise during the event and for us to avert any problems that may come up," declares the guard, reminding the girl inadvertently once again of her inability to arrive there on time.

    "I-uh... uhm..." she stammers briefly, shifting her gaze downward slightly before continuing. "Uh... ok..."

    The guards are again puzzled bu the girls mystifying behavior, her eyes again gluing themselves to the not so intimidating floor as she approaches the guards in order to enter the ball. After looking to each other and shrugging their shoulders, they nonetheless allow her in and she escapes into the chaos before the guards have a chance to utter another sound towards her. Unfortunately, the insides of the ball are much worse, with loud, often painful to the ear music, people's voices everywhere, bouncing off the walls and smashing into the girl's sensitive, fragile eardrum. Overwhelmed by the terrible environment, the girl's expression quickly turns from an uncomfortable frown to a straightened face of absolute terror. Jerking her head back and forth while examining the minefield she's thrusted into, she spots a corner of the ballroom where fewer people have collected, and better yet where she could sit. Wasting no time, her feet are swift as they can be in her heels, racing for her sanity and nearly tripping over herself before reaching her safer haven. Finding her rear end's way into the seat, she sighs, shutting her eyes briefly to recover from the sensory shock, and begins to scan the room again, observing the actions of the others at the ball.

    "I hope this doesn't last too long. I want to get back to my room, eat something and sleep."
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