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Please excuse the double post, but to be fair I did wait a couple days to see if anyone would post in between me.

I was watching TheSpeedGamers Mario Marathon this past weekend, so naturally I had to do some sort of pre-GenIV runs while I had the stream going , so.....

Ultimate Purple Monocolor Challenge FireRed First and FINAL Update

I deleted my notes by accident (/facepalm), but what I can say is that it was a bit tougher than usual. Weezing is not cut out for Special sweeping, I can tell you that much. We got through it though. I think at one point during the E4 I had to bring a Milotic down to goshdarn STRUGGLE. That was fun. I also had to beat Brock with a Lv. 16 Rattata.

Screens (I missed a couple Gym Leaders):

The Team:

Bane the Nidoking ♂, Lv. 53
Ability: Poison Point
-Brick Break

Cooper the Cloyster ♀, Lv. 53
Ability: Shell Armor
-Ice Beam
-Secret Power

Bruce the Weezing ♂, Lv. 52
Ability: Levitate
-Fire Blast

Arryn the Aerodactyl ♂, Lv. 56
Ability: Rock Head
-Aerial Ace
-Rock Slide

HM Slaves:
David the Raticate: Cut, Strength, Rock Smash
Doduo: Fly
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