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    Originally Posted by coolcatkim22 View Post
    That's the problem. It should have meant to be new to begin with. Ever since lg/fr all we have been getting is games that are trying to be like the old games but with new mechanics. Why do we another one attempting to do this?

    Okay, um, it's trying to be like other RPGs instead of it's own story. It started during R/S/E where it started to be more about saving the world from a very powerful being. Now, there is was trying to copy other good RPGs. In B/W it tries to copy bad RPGs by adding in unnecessary drama, poorly done plots, odd locations, etc. There are so many things that they are clearly just taking elements from other RPGs and it doesn't work in this series.
    Now you're contradicting yourself. You want Gen V to be less like Gen I in terms of in-game features yet you want Gen V's story to be more like Gen I? Wasn't Gen I's story originally going to be about a trainer saving the world from a villain?

    Battles aren't challenges? Gyms aren't challenges? Problem solving isn't a challenge?
    Of course Pokemon was meant to be challenging! If it wasn't it'd be a game where all you have to do to win is walk forward. I have no idea what you're talking about.
    Now granted, I'm not saying B/W is as easy as just walking forward but it's not as challenging. The map in linear, grinding is easier, catching Pokemon is easier, everything is easier for the casual player. The only things that are actually challenging in the games are only challenging because they made them needlessly complicated.
    The map is linear for reason, because kids had trouble getting to Snowpoint City. It's not like the grinding system was broken to begin with as the older system from previous titles were flawed too (being able to curbstomp everything with one Pokemon for example). You just answered your own question, Pokemon is suppose to be a casual player's beginner for the RPG genre before moving onto others like Fire Emblem and Xenoblade, but even then, it's still the best-selling RPG of all time due to having an element used in Western RPGs: Playing as yourself as a trainer rather playing as a character with his own personality and backstory, as found in JRPGs. People can choose to make the game challenging by making their own rules.

    It's people like you, as well as the people from 4chan, the reason why I made this thread in the first place.
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