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Aerous Oxus, The Star

Tick tock tick tock. The clock in Aerous room was the only thing making a sound as he sat on the edge of the bed, it had been an hour since he began waiting for the guard to come. Hearing approaching footsteps he stood up from the bed and went to the door, opening as the guard went to knock it, slightly scaring the guard. “Uh, Mr Oxus..” The surprised guard said, trying to regain himself. “Uh, umm, Liberta is ready to see you now. Um.. Please follow me.”

“Sure, lets go Sir.” Aerous replied smiling, exiting his room. Following the guard he made his way to Liberta's quarters. Ready to get his orders for the night. Stopping at the entrance to Liberta's room, the guard knocked on the door before opening it. Inside Liberta was pacing, he clearly looked nervous, even to Aerous.

“Ah Aerous, you're finally here, welcome. So I hear you'll be Nova's personal guard for when he arrives at the ball, correct? This will require you to be situated near the staircase to stop anybody from ascending and then you'll need to ascend the stairs to be ready for the arrival of Felicita and myself, as well as Nova and Luca who will be arriving slightly after us. These are your orders for the night, nothing may override these orders.” The tone of his voice showed that he was slightly nervous about the night's events, which made Aerous consider how seriously he would have to take the job.

“I understand Sir, I won't let anything interfere with tonight’s ball or anyone get to Nova.” Aerous replied with obvious confidence in his voice.

“Thank you, Aerous. Feel free to socialise for a while as the ball begins, just make sure you don't get too far away from the staircase and you're ready to greet us after around forty-five minutes. Understand?” Liberta asked to confirm that Aerous understood his orders.

“I understand Sir, I will see you there tonight.” Aerous replied, leaving the room afterwards and making his way towards the ballroom.

Once arriving he confirmed his orders with Marcus, before lthe group of Swords dispersed to their positions. Taking his position in front of the stairs he allowed his body to relax so he would be ready to react to anything that could happen without tensing up. His arcana mark was glowing lightly underneath his clothing while he surveyed the surroundings, waiting for the guest to start arriving. Guest started arriving at the ball, Aerous noting who had come to make sure there wasn't anyone he didn't recognise. He noted the entrance of Ari and Camellia, whom both were looking rather beautiful in there formal attire, though Camellia beauty outshone Ari's. Aerous also noted Marcus having a conversation with Annabelle, who apparently was a bit of a trouble maker in the family.

A few more card holders had arrived, Aerous noted as he kept up his relaxed demeanour, still surveying the ball for any signs of trouble. He saw an annoyed Flint De Telarious walk through the grand entrance to the ballroom and head straight towards the food and drink tables, followed closely by Marcus who had aburptly finished up with Annabelle at the entrance of his brother.He's going to greet his brother personally, aren't they such a close family! The thought of a family being that close brought a slight smile to Aerous face.I wish I was that close more people. Looking towards the entrance he saw Xoxaa of the Swords enter, looking awkwardly at the ground instead of her surroundings, this slightly worried Aerous. Looking around again he saw Ari approaching him, she had a look of pleasure on her face as she got closer.

“Why on earth aren't we trusting Marcus to oversee Nova?” Her words floated to Aerous as she continued to get closer, stopping to continue her insults. Her insults finished with a crumbling kiss dispersing centimetres away from Aerous cheek, allowing his retort.

“It's because Marcus has a date tonight, Ari. Oh also you wouldn't want him seeing that kiss, he might get jealous.. Oh wait, he won't care!” The words struck a shocked Ari like daggers. A proud Aerous watched as Ari turned and strutted away.

Soon he saw an unfamiliar face approaching, Adam Randi in tow towards him. She shouldn't be a threat, she's here with a cardholder. He thought but then to his surprise she stopped in front of him. He took her all in quickly, she's fairly cute.

“My name's Mina, would you care to dance?” she said to him, rather boldy. Aerous shot a look at Adam, who he assumed she was here on a date with to see the shock clearly on his face. Suddenly he saw how this situation was going to end and began his response.

“Mina, I'm honoured but I'm sorry I-” He didn't get a chance to finish his sentence before a beautiful Camellia crashed, rather lightly into his body.

“Sorry kids, Aerous and I have a date!” She beamed at Adam and Mina, whom were looking surprised at her sudden interuption. She quickly pulled Aerous away from his post, without much of a struggle on his part as it was clearly the easiest way out of the situation she had put him in and he still had a few minutes before he had to go up and greet Liberta and Felicita. The couple, with Camellia leading manoeuvered their way through deeper into the crowd, before Aerous slyly turned them around, allowing them to get closer to the stairs once again without her noticing. Can't neglect my duties too much. He thought as she took him into a dancing position, placing his right hand on her hip and her left hand on his shoulder.

“This is nice, isn't it?” She asked Aerous smiling as he took the lead in the dance, once again leading them slightly closer to the stair case. Not surprisingly he was a good dancer as it was a physical activity, much to the chagrin of other members of the family who always looked down at him as an idiot.

“It really is.” He finally replied before looking up at the ballrooms clock. “Though I am incredibly sorry, I must leave now. Bye.” He announced as he removed himself from her grip and headed back to the stairs, taking a quick look around before proceeding up them to wait for the special guests to arrive.
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