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Flint de Telarius- The Chariot

While having no right to be apart of the conversation other than his relative vicinity to it, Flint listened in on Marcus' interaction with Camellia and Charisi Terranci. Flint's knowledge of the other sectors was very limited, unless they were involved with Coin. He almost knew nothing of Sword, Intelligence or any of the others. It was easy to see why though: He ignored Marcus' stories of Sword because that involved listening to Marcus and Camellia's stories were only exciting once in a while. Even then, he didn't really remember any of the names in the stories. "Ari", as he always heard her to be referred to as. was a branch head though; that much Flint knew. So he kept his mouth full of food as to avoid talking. It would be doubtful that "Ari" would ever talk to Flint, so he would be able to avoid formalities easily. This made him pleased.

“Ari and Marcus, you two should totally have a dance as heads of sectors,” Camellia said as she pushed Ari closer towards Marcus, achieving disapproving glances from the both of them, “Flint, you still owe me that dance for saving my life…” she said quickly, “but I have something of urgency to attended to.” She blew a kiss towards the three of them before turning on her heels and leaving rather abruptly. Flint let out a sigh of relief, now assured that his relative social isolation was safe. Sure, Flint was a capable dancer, having retained most of his lessons in his youth and being something of a natural anyway (in other words, he could probably improvise or adapt to the dance if need be), but he preferred other "forms" of dancing more than this formal dancing that was occurring. And the only dance he wanted to do was the kind that involved food. In other words, eating.

Flint would occasionally pause from his relaxation and enjoyment of free food to observe the party. One reason was to make sure no one bothered him that he didn't want to really engage in conversation with. Another was to see if Beck was ever going to show up. Marcus did ask fairly nice to let him know when Beck arrived, the least he could was notify Marcus about 20 minutes after the fact. After all, he did not want to ruin his time with "Ari" over there. There were getting awfully touchy feely and Flint was really hoping they would go to her place and not the del Telarius home. He could see Camellia dancing as well with someone that Flint didn't recognize. Good, he thought. If they are dancing, it means I don't have to dance with her.

Flint's peace and quiet was somewhat interrupted by a fairly short girl with strawberry blonde hair and from what Flint's "wandering" eyes could tell, a fine figure. One that is quite pleasing to his slightly intoxicated eyes. Flint tried to keep his cool, as it was surprising that anyone got close to him. For the most part, he had the food table to himself, with people usually quickly retreating after Flint fired a sharp glance. The table was his territory and is alone. Very few managed to snag any amount of refreshments because Flint; a feat he was becoming quite proud of. However, this woman, like Flint, did not seem intent on leaving. It was interesting to see such a display at the ball.

"So, you trying to avoid people too then?" Flint said with a weak smile. "I am not a fan of these social gatherings myself. I find all the formalities such a drag," Flint said before pointing at the one plate he saw the girl eyeing. "You should try those. They are really good."

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