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    Xoxaa Illiphia

    The High Priestess

    Xoxaa catches the man's glance just as he began speaking, causing her to jump ever so slightly but not as much as she normally would. It was only a matter of time. after all. She already had an attractive, curvy body, but it's only made more evident with her dress squeezing her large bosom, making it puff a bit out of her dress. While it's very embarrassing, there's not much she could do about it, since she had forgotten to obtain attire for the event herself and had to borrow clothes.

    "So, you trying to avoid people too then?" he asks, his voice considerably more friendly than she anticipated for a large, intimidating man that is he, even smiling a little, perhaps for finding another of like mind, at least in regards to what he spoke of. "I am not a fan of these social gatherings myself. I find all the formalities such a drag."

    The girl responds slowly, but nonetheless drifts her gaze up to meet his... sort of, as she still didn't want to make eye contact with him or anyone else, and gave him a crooked smile, but one of agreement. "I hear you. It's sort of intimidating too, and kind of lonely when you don't have anyone to hang out with. But at least it has comfort food!"

    Her commentary on the food causes her smile to widen, warmness brought to her over the thought of the food before them. In the madness of the ball's commotion and the aggravating background music that assaults her senses nonstop, she can still find solace in the food table, reaching for a paper cup and dispensing some red juice into her cup before bringing it up to her lips and sipping the contents of the whole cup in a few big gulps before placing the cup back down on the table, satisfied as she licks her lips in pleasure. Her eyesight is drawn back to the man before her, walking closer to him while examining the food closer to his side of the table and looking around the table for the next victim for her digestive acids. Being of like mind, the man observes the focus of her sight on the food on the table, and decides to make a suggestion.

    "You should try those. They are really good," he declares, directing the girl's sight to the platter of food he spoke of.

    "Oh, that looks good! I'll try it," she replies, her stomach doing the talking as her right hand reaches out for the food item he told her about, picking one up and drawing it up to her mouth for consumption.

    With a few quick bites and a loud gulping noise, the food couldn't hope to stave off the hunger of the young woman who made swift work of the food. "Mmmm! That is good! I think I'll take a few more..."

    Xoxaa reaches for the platter once again, this time scooping a pile of the scrumptious food item onto a paper plate she pulled out of a pile elsewhere on the table, placing the food on the plate and brings the plate back to the edge of the table where she is to gorge herself on the delicacy before her, making quick work of the food.
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