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Alexander Grant - The Emperor

Focus, Alex thought to himself.

In a flash, he slashed his sword at the tree in front of him. It made splinters fly and left a gash on the bark of the tree. He frowned. This was not how he wanted it to be. He tried again. Closing his eyes, he mustered all the physical and mental energy he could get. His grandfather had once told him that the strongest blow you can get to an opponent is one built from both physical and mental strength. He focused more, breathing in and out evenly. Suddenly, he released the energy, swinging his sword towards the tree. It went through this time, but stopped after it was a quarter through it. Alex pulled out his sword and let out a sigh.

It had only been a few months since he has received his Arcana. It had also been only a few months since his grandfather had died. He still couldn't get his power right. Supposedly, he was able to remove and manipulate other people's memories, yet he can't do so at will. It happens occasionally, whenever he gets jittery, or in trouble, but it's always by accident. He learned that he was also able to do something else. His voice. Something changed about it ever since he received The Emperor. One could hear authority in it, as if Alex was commander of something when in fact, he was nothing but a 17 year-old boy.

"A 17 year-old boy who could use a sword better than most people ,"he told himself smugly. "I am a Grant. I am not just a 17 year-old boy. I am a 17 year-old Grant."

He laughed victoriously in the air, showing off to anyone who could see him, although no one was probably there. He was deep in the forest, beside a crystal clear lake. He usually goes here to meditate and train. Being new to the Famiglia, he wasn't really close to anyone yet. He also disliked the way their sector leader, Ari, trains him. So he chooses to hide out here where he can train alone. When he tests out his Arcana, however, he walks around the town, scouring for "test subjects." He prefers old people. Since they usually forget stuff by nature, he figured that removing a part of their memory would be a snap. Even so, he has never successfully done it.

He sheated his sword back and looked at his watch. His eyes widened.

"Oh snap," he said before running back to the mansion. "Oh gods, I can't be late."

He ran as fast as he could, jumping and dodging any obstacle he passed. He had already memorized the path to the lake and back, but using that path would take too long, so he had to improvise. He turned left. Then right. He kept his speeding through the forest. Up ahead, he could already see the harbor. He ran faster. Fortunately, Alex had gone through enough physical exercise for him to run far distances without getting too exhausted. As soon as he stepped out of the forest, he made a sharp turn to the right, only to bump into another person. Alex fell back on his bottom while the other guy flew a small distance towards the opposite direction.

"Owww," he said as he rubbed his hips. He stood up and started walking towards the man he bumped into.

"Sorry, dude. I'm kind of in a hurry, and..." then his eyes focused on the bag that the man was holding. It was slightly open, and inside, Alex saw money. The guy was starting to wake up. He rubbed his head and his eyes slowly opened. As soon as the other guy saw Alex, he stood up and pulled out a knife.

"Whoa there," Alex said as he held his hands up in "surrender"

"Don't come anywhere near me!" the other guy said. He bent down and picked up his bag before cautiously making his way around Alexander.

Obviously, the guy had done something wrong. Alex could definitely see that. And the fact that he had commited a crime on the island of Regalo told either one of these things about him: he knew exactly what he was doing, or he was a complete idiot from another place who doesn't know how things worked around the island. To be safe, Alex assumed it was the former, even though it was clear that the other guy was shaking in his boots. Alex took a step towards the man.

"Back off! I'm not afraid to kill you!" the man threatened Alex.

"Really now," Alex said with a smirk. He took a step towards the man.

The man came charging. With his knife in the air, he ran towards Alex. Even though he expected this, he was still caught in surprise. When the man attempted to slash at him with the knife, he sidestepped, barely missing the knife blade. Alex backed off a few meters away from the man, who was now looking at him with red crazed eyes.

"Dude, what is wrong with you?" Alex told the man, who ignored him and, yet again, charged.

This time, Alex drew his sword. He stood firmly and held his sword in front of him with both hands. He began thinking of strategies. So many possibilities came into mind. The man slashed at his chest, but he stepped back at just the right moment to dodge it. The man kept slashing at him while he just dodged his attacks. During this time, Alex was already concocting a plan. He couldn't kill the man. He has never killed a person in his whole life, and he doesn't look forward to doing it one day. Taking the bag of money wouldn't be enough as well. He had to get this guy caught. Meanwhile, the man continued charging at Alex with his knife.

This guy sure has a temper, he thought to himself, and this gave him an idea.

He rolled away from the attacking person. He confronted the man with his sword, parrying his small knife with a long blade. Alex could've easily made the knife fly away from the man's hand, but he had a plan. He took a quick step to the right and grabbed the bag of money from the man's back. He took many steps back and held the bag in his hand.

"Want this? Come get it," he taunted, before running towards a stack of crates. He jumped behind it and looked for something. Something long, something that could hold the man. Then he found what he was looking for. A rope. He stepped out of the stack and got ready to confront the man, but what he found was...nothing. The man was gone.

Suddenly, the man appeared from behind the same stack of crates he had hid behind. This time, the man slashed Alex' right arm and the boy wasn't able to dodge it. The sleeve of his shirt got torn and he developed a long cut on his right arm, blood staining the white shirt.

"Aaaagh!" he screamed in pain, then he looked at the man with eyes full of hatred.

"Drop. Your. Weapon." Alex said in an authoritative force.

The man's left eye twitched, then he obeyed. He dropped his knife and stood straight. Alex would've found this amusing, but he wasn't in the mood for amusement. Instead, he walked over to the man, dropping the rope he'd just found and forgetting about his plan. Soon, he was face-to-face with the man. The man was struggling to take control. Like he was telling himself, "why are you doing this?". Alexander Grant kept a stern face.

"You were just about to report yourself to the authorities," he told the man.


His voice was cut short when Alex held the tip of his sword to the man's throat.

"Y-yes," he replied.

Then Alex did something he didn't expect to do. He stared into the man's eyes and he saw himself go inside his mind. He saw the man when the man saw Alex after he had ran into him. He heard the man's thoughts during that time. Alex also learned what the man had done. He had stolen from the island's vault.

"Where are the others?" the man thought to himself as he desperately tried to hide from the police. Then, he bumped into another guy. Alex. The thief panicked. He knew that it was way past their deadline and something must’ve happened to his comrades. He resorted to brute force. There was no escape, he was telling himself. If I’m gonna go down, I’m gonna go down fighting.

A noble act used wrongly, Alex told himself. Was this how all criminals thought? Was this the disoriented sense of justice that criminals believed in?

Alex sought to change that memory. He focused his mind to what he wanted the man to remember, and it went like this: The man walked into the harbor, looking for the police. He had decided to return the money and go to jail without a fight. That simple. Alex pushed the memory of the battle earlier back where his mind could no longer touch it. After he was satisfied of his work, he got pulled out of the man's mind and he found himself in reality. The man had fallen asleep.

"That was definitely cool," he said after realizing that he had just used his Arcana. To be safe, he tied the sleeping man in a smudgeon.

He looked at his watch again and got more worried. He bolted away from the man and away from the harbor. He saw a police not far from the harbor so he decided to report everything that had just happened.

"Greetings, officer. There's a thief tied in the harbor. He'll tell you everything," Alex said before running off again.

"On it. What the? Hey wait! Your right arm! It's-" but the police was already too far for Alex to hear him.

He ran and ran and ran. The mansion was in sight now. He picked up speed and swept past everything in his path. As soon as he arrived inside the mansion, he went straight to the Grand Hall, not even bothering to change clothes anymore. He opened the large oak doors of the hall and inside he saw his fellow Famiglia members, all dressed formally and attractively, while he, Alexander Grant, was dressed in a blue vest adorned with royal gold outline markings over a long-sleeved white polo, with its right sleeve torn and stained with blood. He walked around the room, avoiding contact with anyone. He hid behind one of the columns and awaited the Papa's announcement.

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