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Wow, I haven't posted in your thread for some time now and you've already added so much!

I love the whole Lanturn theme you've got going on. And not just from an aesthetic standpoint! Lanturn can really be the perfect vessel for practicing your skills in lighting, shadow, placement.. etc. So not only are your new icons fantastic simply for being what they are-- but they really seem like perfect little pieces that will allow you to improve! I wish I knew all the technical words for editing/constructing a tag, cause the I would say, "I love that *insert technical phrase* effect you've used to enhance the water on your Lanturn tag" but until I learn all of the appropriate vernacular, I will say that your eye for creating the aforementioned effect is fantastic. I love the way the lighting in the water looks, to be precise.

EDIT: Learning the correct terms and applying them will be easy now that Derozio has posted a new Graphic Resource and Tutorial sticky! Thank you! xDDD

So let me try again! Cid, the flow of the water on your Lanturn tag is excellent. It adds depth and character to your focal point while still being stylized and non-realistic, therefore not subtracting from the Lanturn itself. It's very tasteful. :D

Now, and this is just my uneducated opinion, I find this one to be a tiny bit hard to read at this size. It's a little difficult to see any of the Chinchou because my eye is drawn to other places. It's a busy icon, imo. I'd love to see a bigger image to see how it translates! :]

Thank you for a lovely update, can't wait to see more!
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